Saturday, October 17, 2009

Valentines Day...

I was asked to make something for the January/February issue of Dollhouse Miniatures mag. I usually ignore the "themes" and instead make something "different"...apart from the typical seasonal stuff. But they give me alot of freedom to make what I want, which is great. Well, when I think of Valentine's Day, I think of sweets and frou frou. I don't make frou frou! I thought of making heart cookies that were cracked down the middle (like a broken heart), or heart tarts broken down the middle and "bleeding". Maybe a partly empty box of chocloates with bites taken out of them (you know what I mean- the ones you bite into that you discover are gross? For me, it's fruit filled, especially the kind that oozes out and you suddenly feel like your eating cough syrup!)?? Boring. Plus, I just made a shitload of desserts for Halloween, and I'm done. I don't know, but nothing appealed to me at all :-/.  So, while I was nearly slipping into my afternoon coma, I thought I'd do a human heart like the one I made recently. Valentine's Day = Hearts, right? It may not be what one associates with Valentine's, but it is the only thing I can get into making right now :-/.

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