Saturday, October 10, 2009

Part of my stash

I know that I am not the only hoarder out there. I have about 4 of these filled to the limit...and yet I keep buying more!! HELP!


  1. WOW, you have got thousands of kitchen stuff, and very well organized!!!
    I admire your work a long time ago, and it is worderful you have a blog from now on. Welcome to the blogosphere!!!!

    Mini hugs,

  2. Thank you Paloma!! I'm still getting the hang of this ;-).
    I want to visit everyone else's blogs and check
    out the goods!! It's a great way to keep up with
    my fellow miniaturist :-D

  3. I do the same thing with kitchen stuff :) I think you should not be ashamed. :D

  4. Thanks Betty ;-)! I think we're naturally prone to doing this, though, no? I hate running out of stuff or not having just the right piece!

  5. That's great, you are so organized!
    I should do the same with my stuff instead of loosing time "searching for something I think it should be there ..." and of course it isn't!