Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gorgeous (real) mushrooms

I thought I'd share this stunning photo of real, wild mushrooms that has been sitting on my hard drive for eons. Real pics (if we can't have the actual thing sitting in front of us), as we know, are the best things to take inspiration from :-). I love how natural they look- NOT perfect, which is much more realistic. It is sometimes the little "flaws" that make some miniatures more lifelike, for me. This is probably why I am more drawn to "messy" scenes as opposed to sterile, "not a hair out of place" ones. Maybe messy is the wrong word :-/. But sometimes the perfection leaves me cold. I want to see "life" in them. In the case of mushrooms, the nicks and the dirt and the mishappeness (and these are in pretty good conidtion, considering)!

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