Friday, October 9, 2009

Killer Shrimp!!

Ok, making realistic shrimp is something I have never worked on enough because I've never been really pleased with the way they've turned out.  IGMA Artisan Kathy Obrenski once shared her "secret" with me years ago, but I have long forgotten exactly what her method was. Whatever it was, and it was a strange way of making them, but the end result was quite impressive. But there is an artist in China who makes, quite possibly, the best shrimp I have ever seen! Check this out (along with her other work):


  1. WoW did you find her...those shrimps are absolutely THE MOST REALISTIC I've ever seen!
    Do you ever get any news about Kathy these days..I often think about her :-((
    Mini hugs,

  2. Es impresionante!
    Un trabajo perfecto y super realista.
    Me encantaaa!

  3. Whey Hey there are 5!!! To welcome you to the world of blogging, there is an award for you over on my blog! :-)) Linda

  4. Hi guys!!! Welcome!! Linda, the last I heard, she was still trying to get back into making things, but very slowly. She did do a few shows, which is very cool. I know that she no longer sells online, though :-(. I hope she's doing ok.

    Teresa, aren't they fantastic?? I found her site years ago and was astounded at her work. Not long ago, I found her link, revisited, and found that seafood display with the shrimp!

  5. Hi Kiva
    Looking forward to follow your blog. I love the food you make:) I will put you on my blog list. The shrimp shown are fantastic. The best I have seen too:)

  6. Hi Christel!! I will follow your blog as well. And you, my dear, are SUPER!! Thank you so much!