Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last one!

I think that I'm enjoying this blogging thing much more than I thought I would. In fact, I think I'm posting too much :-/.

I keep saying that I am done making Halloweeny things, but this time I really mean it. It's weird, but in the past, all I made was maybe some pumpkins, that's it! For some reason, this year, I went a little buck wild. This is a basket of orange and "black" Heirloom tomatoes.


  1. Ha .... You say that is the last one.... bet yur only foolin....

    With a thumb like that ... you can't stop now!!

  2. HAHA!!!! Tom, what are you doing awake at this ungodly hour?? You must be just like me...which is why I am half comatose the next day and take like a 2 hour nap almost daily.

    The thumb really gets in the way sometimes, you know! It is so bulbous and callused that if I'm not careful, it leaves imprints on the clay...someone might be able to dust it for prints! I have taken to vigorously trying to pumice the dead skin down.

  3. I am almost always up and at em early ... 'cause I don't sleep well anymore.