Thursday, October 29, 2009


They're playscale, they're plastic, and they're highly addictive. They triggered my collecting and hoarding instincts something fierce. Am I alone in this? About six years ago, I discovered Re-Ment, a Japanese company that makes these highly collectible miniature sets- food, furniture, accessories, etc. I only bought food, and I limited myself to the traditional Japanese food and product sets, which is all I wanted anyway. I didn't want them by the piece (or box). I had to have the ENTIRE set (usually about 10 boxes). So, I started collecting them and went a "little" nuts. I kept telling  myself that it was for "research"...that I was "celebrating part of my heritage", haha!! But it became a problem, like Japanese heroin or I had to quit cold turkey. I had to bar myself from visting any site that might have them for sale. If I was on ebay and happened to come across any of it, I quickly clicked away.

But damn. I was shopping on a website last week and spotted a dried fish set.  I am proud to say that I did not go ape shit and buy the entire set. I got just the ONE box! From now on, if I buy any, it'll be single boxes, like the dried fish set below. I must admit, it does bother me a little that, among others, I don't have this one though:


  1. i am the other way. i hate the re-ment foods. they always look good in photos, but plasticky (IMO) IRL. but! i love all the re-ment furniture and accessories, i even have the re-ment roombox (anniversary gift from BF, he knows me so well LOL)

    but yea! i can see why you're so attracted to this one! it's! worthy purchase indeed :D

  2. Re-ment has reached cult status, maybe. I do agree with Cindy. I'll collect your food anyday, Kiva but Re-ment? Nahhh.. I must say though that some of the most amazing accessories I have seen is from Re-ment. Like pencil sharpener or a modern vacuum cleaner. But they are 1:16 mainly?

  3. Cindy, I don't like the kawaii looking stuff, only the Japanese food, especially the regional ones. I like it because it's kind if kitschy...but yeah, some of it is BUTT UGLY!! There are some stores here that sell the individual boxes (but you never know which one you're getting), and they have some out of the boxes for display. Alot of the non-Japanese food is awful! There's this giant red lobster on a platter I always see that makes me cringe :-/.

    Aww, thank you Sans! I have a few long time customers who collect Re-Ment too, which kind of surprised me! And they LOVE the accessories. They don't display them, they just buy to collect, which is what I do because, umm....mine are still in boxes (where they will probably remain!).

  4. I can sympathize with the "need" to have entire sets, haha.. I went through a similar obsession, but with Pez dispensers of all things. Who knew why.. hehe.
    Congrats on the fellow status. :)