Saturday, October 10, 2009

There is a toe on my left hand!!!

Does anyone else have massive calluses on their hand(s)?? I have had what looks like a toe, substituting for my left thumb, for years now. It is because of all the kneading. I wonder if it would ever go back to normal if I stopped claying ? Here's a shot of my thumb and the calluses on both fingers.


  1. Crikey you must work that clay hard! Yes, it would go back to normal after a few months. I used to sew so much I had calouses from pressing pins into fabric, they went.

  2. Es incrible! Tienes que amasar mucha arcilla para hacer semejante callo (tu producción tiene que se mucha) yo procuro mezclar con la maquína de pastas y así amasar lo menos posible, la fricción de los rodillos ejercen también calor para ablandarla. También la caliento de maneras alternativas posibles para poderla amasar mejor.
    Cuida esa mano!

  3. Haha!!! Yes, I work it to death! I think it's partly because I use Kato, along with the Fimo Classic. That Kato can take some work to condition ;-)