Monday, October 12, 2009

Holy ^%*#!!

Ok, I have always said that I've stumbled upon some of the most realistic miniature food when mindlessly surfing Asian miniaturist's sites. Sometimes, their  attention to detail is INSANE. This is no exception. Take a look at these oranges pieces. The lemon is great too, but the orange...GAH!! You can check out her site here:

- There isn't a ton of food, but what's there is really good. click on the miniatures section on the left. I mean, that's it- I'm packing it in.


  1. STOP finding these incredible artist's Kiva or we'll ALL give up!! ROFL....Anyway I bet she can't make a drunken octopus like you can! Mini hugsa, Linda

  2. Haha!! Linda, if I'm not mistaken, alot of them use paper clay. It's something I do have in my stash, but never used. It does look like they take HOURS to perfect each piece, doesn't it?

    The drunken octopus- you remember that ;-)! You're not too shabby yourself, young lady!

  3. Lin, you are my tech support! I can't figure out how to display my followers latest posts/creations on my blog :-/. Help!

  4. ohmigosh, i just went through that site and Holy ^%*# sums it up alright.



    ah well, that's what obsessive compulsive natures are for, eh?

  5. Hey Snowfern! OCD all the way, baby ;-).
    I've been texturizing my citrus slices for awhile now, but nowhere NEAR that level of realism! I've never been an avid cane maker (I find it a little tedious and I get impatient), but some people do such amazing cane work!

    Someone recently asked me about this after seeing some blood oranges I made, and I told her that I use my needle tool to "etch" each segment. Little touches like that can make a big opposed to just slicing and leaving it as is (no dimension). But this artist has certainly perfected that look- I was blown away!

  6. I'm with you. I give up. Ok, maybe not give up,but I sure don't feel like displaying any of my clay stuff right now, lol!

    Julie Old Crow

  7. Julie, don't say that!! This is more an example of something to strive for. Besides, I admire creativity and imagination just as much
    (something you have!). Sometimes, even MORE ;-).

  8. Kiva, i certainly understand what you mean, but coming from a semi-newbie to the world of minis and polymer clay, even '2-dimensional' orange slices amazed me at the start!

    now i make sure always to texturize whenever i can, you were one of the first miniaturists i came across that blew me away and always setting the bar higher, and higher..

    i actually quite enjoy caning. but i realised, it's just the OCD speaking, i'd make TONNES of sliced oranges and then not know what to do with them. so now when i make something, it's usually not in huge batches anymore, cos i don't really sell any of my work anyway haha my dollies are getting fattened up!

  9. Wow, thanks Snowfern! Your work is lovely, and I love that you make other kinds of miniatures, too! How delicate and beautiful are those doilies??

    That cracked me up, what you said about making huge batches of canes! You know that pic of my clay mountain? Well, there are many old canes floating around in there :-/. I usually wrap them up and stick them in the drawer, but some manage to wriggle loose. The first time I made an orange cane, it was a total disaster. I went to Angie's site and followed the directions....or so I thought. I think I just started rolling right off the bat, instead of squeezing and pulling. I was so dissapointed, after all that frigging work!! But yeah, when I finally got one to come out ok, I was ecstatic! I have this old miniature food book by someone named Sydney Wagner. It's "Petite Eats and Mini Treats". When I followed her method for making citrus canes, I actually thought it looked better. It's kind of even more work, but I think it looks a bit more know, instead of just straight lines criss crossing. This looked more "segmented". But out of habit, I still do it the Angie Scarr way (who is a phenomenal caner!);-).

  10. oooh thanks for the recommendation Kiva, now you've got me intrigued....

    i've not purchased any minimaking books yet, have you ever considered writing one? i think it'd be a hit :O

    i made a few carrot and cucumber canes yesterday, the only caning technique i ever 'learnt' was angie scarr's, the rest were trial and error, so you can imagine how much waste clay/weird coloured clay i have...haha much of it becomes 'chocolate cake' -_-"

    btw, love your cannibalistic pumpkins :P

  11. Thanks Snowfern :-D! You know, I have thought about it...and I will one of these days, for sure. Hey, email me and I'll scan that caning how-to for you if you like ;-). You can try it out to see which method you prefer. This one is a little more laborious, but you'd probably crank it out really fast (I'm sure you're better at caning than I am)!