Saturday, October 17, 2009

A shout out to Grace

This is for Grace, who is wonderfully macabre, and makes some damned fine miniatures (her specimen jars are fab)....AND provides me with sets of real bones! I usually make my own bones, but really, there is no substitute for the real thing- and hers are perfectly 1:12 scale! She's been making some great books lately, too!

This is what I made with the skull that she sent me. Ok, well, I told my mom what I wanted to do with it and since she works with wood and stuff, I had her mount it so it looks like a prehistoric fossil display:


  1. ah yes!

    that is such a cool stand, nice work Kiva's Mom!

    when i first found Grace's work on flickr, i was astounded! she has the coolest job ever > < i am in love with her mini work as well ^ ^ oh how my heart philanders when it comes to minis... :X

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  3. Thanks guys! I mean, thanks mom and Grace's skull :-D!

    I know Cindy! The world of miniatures is the coolest thing ever. People don't know what they're missing ;-)

    Considering my short attention span, this is the only things that has held my interest for a sustained amount of time. It is just endlessly fascinating.