Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A link from Catherine, and I'm speechless....

She just sent me a link to this artist's unbelievable work. His name is Takanori Aiba. A MUST see. I died.

Bonsai Tree Houses

Friday, February 10, 2012

More goodies from Nicolas of bewilderandpine!!

Yay!! A big box came in the other day, but I wasn't aloud to open it :-/. I knew what it was, though! A gift from my sister, which I'm not allowed to even peek at until my birthday....aaaargh!! Pure torture!! It's from Nicolas at bewilderandpine on etsy, miniaturist extrordinaire, who specializes in train scale beautiosity (among other things ;-))!!
If you've seen a couple of previous posts, you'll know that I lust for his pieces, and have acquired several. This time, I got a windmill and a Japanese tea house, pictured below.

Nicolas also has a brand new blog!! Check it out!!

bewilderandpine on etsy

Nicolas's blog

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm not dead

I just have a hellacious case of acute bronchitis, as in, I'm hitting the two month mark :-/. This is why I've been MIA lately, my apologies!! Extreme exhaustion, trouble breathing, hacking cough, and just general shitiness. But, I've been soldiering on, filling orders and listing. Some peeps know this about me, but whenever you see me list a lot of stuff in jars and whatnot, you know that my energies are focused elsewhere, for the time being.....although I've always loved making jarred stuff!! So many possibilities. Here are a few things I've made recently :-)