Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chanterelle shrooms


  1. awww man! these are too cool! absosmurfly ferpect!

    i had to make some quarterscale toadstools today for a trade, guess it's the week for 'shrooms! dang, they're harder to make than it looks *KOWTOW*

  2. Hey Cindy!! Good God, quarter scale shrooms! Ok, I had to make some half-scale ones, and I can only imagine how freaking MICROSCOPIC those must be! I would LOVE to see a picture when you're done! Mushrooms are one of my favorites to make. They seem like they'd be rather tedious to make, but you kind of get into a rythmn.

    For these suckers, I made them a bit differently than I usually do. I start with a little ball, then pinch one end and keep rolling between my fingertips until the ball moves upwards while you form a stem. Then, I take my ball stylus and push it into the middle of the ball and widen it so you get a "cup" like shape on top. From there, I took my needle tool and turned down parts of the rim for that "flowery" look. Honestly though, there are exposed gills on the outside, extending down a bit toward the stem. I was a little half-assed about that part :-O. I mean, they're there, but you can see them that well.

    Tomorrow, I'll post a really cool (real) photo of wild mushrooms that I have on my hardrive!

  3. I forgot...I also trim the bottom of the stems (after rolling them) and "fray" them a bit, so they look more freshly picked. Add "dirt" as you wish :-).

  4. They look so yummy...mmm they are my favorite mushrooms!
    They do grow in some parts of Norway, like on the west coats....but unfortunally not where I´m living now!!!

  5. Wow Kiva thanks for the 'tutorial' on how to make those! Gee whiz, still, it's a lot of steps for each one > < I think the trick to it isn't all just the shaping, it's your eye for colour :D very nicely done! imma try some time..when I feel brave > <

    and good gosh (trying my best not to swear here, could you tell) how in heck do you hold them to 'trim' my hands they'd probably wind up back to being balls of clay > < LOL

    YEAH i don't think i got the quarterscale mushroom sizes right though, the smallest ones i made were barely 1mm-1.5mm across, i can't post pics yet, it's for a trade and she wants it to be a surprise LOL i took some pics though...let's hope she gets the parcel soon so i can show my crappy toadstools off :P

  6. They are delicious, aren't they Synnove! I also like a good old portabella, just thrown in a pan with some olive oil and thick, it's like eating a steak!

    Cindy, you can just leave them on the tile and chop off the ends! About the color: you know how you just keep pinching off little bits of colors until you wind up with the shade you want? I did translucent, golden yellow, and ochre. And I am sure your mushrooms look great!! Toadstools, and mushrooms in general, come in all different sizes!! I swear, I've seen some at fancy markets that are as big as a human head :-/.