Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clay mountain

Ok, everyone who sees my biggest clay drawer is aghast. Can you see why? This is just one part of the clay heap that is in my drawer! I just open it, pinch off the colors I want, then get to work. The problem is, it just keeps growing. I have rid myself of a mountain or two in the past when I couldn't stand it any longer!


  1. Kivakins, love seeing your mountain of clay.... your drawer
    looks like my drawer of clay!! Only has meaning to us peps
    who love to clay, LOL!

  2. SANDIKINS!!! Haha!!! I am so glad that you have a clay mountain, too! And this drawer is DEEP- you should see it from the side!

  3. I don't know anyone who does not have one of these. Thanks for showing yours! I am glad I don't feel like a freak!

  4. HA HA!! Betty, I am SO glad I'm not alone! I really am quite a slob. I wear boxer shorts and tank tops while I work, and they are COVERED with paint, holes, glue, and other debris!