Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cassoulet and pet fish

I'm at what I hope is the tail end of a nasty inner ear infection, but I thought I'd do a blog post, since I keep disappearing! A lovely customer of mine asked me to make Cassoulet and Boeuf Bourguignon. I've always loved making stew- like things: making all the little components, and assembling them all together. Of course, I went overboard, so I ended up with enough for an entire set to list as well! It cracks me up because my mom will see something I make in miniature, then make the real thing the next night for dinner! Yes, we had Cassoulet tonight! She always puts her own spin on dishes, though (no recipe needed!), and I swear, they often end up tasting miles better then any version I'd ever had before, no joke. She added chicken thighs, Portugese sausage, and drumroll....BELLY PORK.

The other bits below are versions of my "pet fish" ;-).