Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grilled cheese sandwiches for Sara

Here you go, Sara! This is what the finished sandwich would look like, same idea as the quesadillas. Clearly, it's Cheddar, not American ;-).


  1. Hi Kiva
    Looks so real and delicious. Wish my lunch had been like this:)

  2. Lol!! Thanks Christel! I am gorging on roast chicken as we speak!

  3. Thanks Kiva! I'm actually composing a list right now of all the materials i don't got yet so I can get to work this weekend! I'm going to Blick and Ace hardware store with my boyfriend to pick up our most need materials! My boyfriend is actually a train enthusiast and is working on a train table! Hopefully he'll make a blog soon too! Well anyways I can't wait to make my grilled cheese sandwich and quesadillas and I hope they turn out to be a success!!


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  5. Hey Sara! You did a great job reupholstering that chair I saw on your blog- that is something I'd never be able to do! I LOVE model train stuff!!!!! You know, those train guys have some cool materials- I have stuff for my miniatures like gravel, dirt, grass, etc. For awhile, I was collecting those German models and even the little people. Has your boyfiend seen this:

    - I look forward to seeing the results of your quesadilla and grilled cheese sandwich! You can email me if you have more questions ;-).