Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sandra Palesch

Sandi Palesch, IGMA Artisan, is one of my best friends, and because the holidays are coming up, I wanted to show off her delicious Thanksgiving table!! She recently filmed a how-to dvd for American Miniaturist, which shows you how to make the goodies you see here! You can also see more of her work at her new website:


  1. What a spread for a single day. I can't remember when I last eat like this. On Saturday, I am going out to celebrate with a huge steak and still I will not see such a spread.

  2. Doesn't it look yummy, Susan?

    We usually go to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving and she makes the classic dishes PLUS rice, "poke"(raw fish), sushi, some kind of noodle dish, and about four different desserts. Her son also throws some red meat and seafood on the grill, too. Yep, it's an orgy.

    It's like, are we in ancient Greece?? Where's the vomitorium!?