Sunday, November 22, 2009

More fruit in baskets....with fern

Yes, more! Williams Pears and Black Plums. I put alot of bloom on those plums. And now, I will ease off the fruit for a bit, I promise ;-).


  1. No, no, no, don't ease off! I love your fruits!

    By the way, I eat the shells too. My plate is always so clean ! I suck all the juice from all bones until they actually shrink! You really shouldn't eat the seeds though, didn't anyone tell you water melons will grow in your stomach if you do?

  2. wow, so so cool! Unbeliable the realistic work. Congrats. Love your fruits.
    HUgs from Madrid.

  3. ...the pears look so real...."Perfect"!!

  4. I always have a hard time realizing that this is miniature stuff. It's amazing!


  5. Thank you so much, everyone!!
    Gracias Teresa!

    HAHA!! Susan, yes, my grandma used to tell me that too! And it actually does feel like I will give birth to a watermelon right now. I just came back from eating at a buffet :-/.

  6. Susan, you are just like me ;-). I love sucking the marrow out of bones too!! There was a restaurant in S.F. that served up a whole plateful of bones with a long, skinny spoon. The marrow was like BUTTER!!

  7. Bone marrow!! My boyfriend thinks I'm weird because I love it! Where in SF?! I live in Berkeley which is a 15 minute drive away from SF! I'd love to visit this place!

    By the way how did you get those black plums to look like that? Is that white chalk on there?