Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A new fellow Fellow

I found out, kind of inadvertently, that there is another new Fellow in the food category! Her name is Kimie Okumura and she's in Japan! Very cool!! Of course, I googled her name and found her blog, which is chock full of some of my favorite foods to eat! Also, I am a complete sucker for packaged and takeout kind of stuff, so I'm loving that bowl of ramen with the flavor packet and stuff! It looks just like the ones I have in my kitchen cupboard! Now where in God's name did she find those accessories?? Did she make them? Here is the link to her blog and a few pics:



  1. Do you have a S$2/a dollar Japanese store near you, Kiva? I find some precious minis at mine (Daiso) often for a song. I also have books on miniatures by Japanese housewives and they have such great idea of how to convert junk into minis, like a weighing scale from a Yakult plastic bottle. Miniatures are such a big part of their culture (like in Thailand/China/India etc) that I suspect many of them acquire the skills of mini making at birth ! Maybe that's how you acquire yours too?

  2. Sans! lol ;)

    I think Kiva has ramen envy. ;)

    Her stuff does look cook, Kiva, thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  3. cool, lol, not cook.... all this food stuff is on my mind. ;)

  4. LOL!!! Dale, at least you didn't say c*ck!! I almost feel lazy, looking at the sheer amount of stuff she makes!

    Susan, we do have those kinds of stores, but I suspect that yours are WAY better! About those cool Japanese how-to books- I have two, one on food making and one on making displays (like a Japanese house, a noodle shop, etc.). But I am now obsessed with finding those housewive's books, thanks alot!! If you get a chance, maybe you could point me to one?

  5. hehe Dale! I thought you did mean "cook" cos those made and displayed outside Japanese restaurants are often so fake looking.( So in contrast, this Fellow's look "cook"!) I was just remarking over lunch at one of these places the other day, "how come these Japanese can make plastic food look so appetising!" I was very hungry then.

    Kiva, I bought the housewives books when I was in Taiwan at the Miniature Museum of Taiwan. They are in Mandarin but you are in luck. Will email you details.

  6. WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Oh Susan, you went to that museum too!! We aint got jack in Hawaii :-(. I am an island unto myself (literally)!Thank God for the web, so I can stay in touch with my sisters (and brothers) in the miniature world!

    HAHA!! Those plastic food displays oustide Japanese restaurants! Before miniatures, I used to stare at them all the time! I loved the ones with the chopsticks suspended in midair! Speaking of which, I was famished one day last week so I ate at one of those "conveyer belt" sushi joints, where the little plates of food go around and around. It wasn't what you'd call "fine dining" but it wasn't bad. I don't really get the slices of cake and other desserts going around with the raw fish though :-/. Like I'm going to be tempted to grab a piece of cheesecake that is sitting right next to saba sushi, aka raw mackeral?? I love me some raw mackeral, but it does have a rather pungent odour :-/.