Sunday, November 1, 2009

Awful things I've made a looooong time ago

Ok, do you know how you come across pics of some truly ghastly things you've made in the past and you just cringe? I have a bunch of pics that I am not proud of, and when I see them (I try not to), I just think: what the hell was I thinking?? And I'm not talking about the human excrement in a jar I made not long ago, but stuff I made when I was kind of just starting. Well, I am going to post a couple now, but just let me know if I should stop or you want to see more (I kind of hope you don't!). You may just want to gouge your eyes out, though. By the way Cindy, this is for you :-D! First is a roasted GOAT'S head, with lemon. WHY???  I don't know! The second is a bat hanging upside down from a branch in a planter. Ok idea, bad execution! It looks like a balding bonzai plant with a deformed black rat hanging from it!


  1. they don't look all that awful to me. actually, they still carry your distinctive style! sheesh, you goof, you!

  2. Ok Cindy, those are far from the worst, it's true. It gets much, MUCH worse. I am going to post that pinky/orange pig's head for your viewing pleasure....THEN you will change your tune ;-)

  3. haha! this made me laugh--not the pictures, the idea! I just posted a pic of a roasted turkey I did 2 years ago next to one I did three days ago--much improved!

    I think it's good to keep pictures of our past attempts, good or bad.

    Julie Old Cfrow

  4. Julie, absolutely! But, truth be told, there have been some truly terrifying pieces that give me nightmares, lol!!!!