Thursday, November 5, 2009

Again with the Chow Mein

I started out wanting to make some Singapore noodles, but it turned into chow mein again. The thing is, I roll my own noodles (I never use the extruder), and in order to make them Singapore style, I had to make them as thin as humanly possible (they're rice noodles). As you can see in the bottom pic, I am rolling what I think look like pretty thin threads of noodles....BUT, once those go on the platter and I snap a close-up pic of it, SURPRISE!! I get chow mein. Grr....By the way, those lumps of colored clay on the tile will be added to the clay mountain :-D


  1. I am very curious, Kiva, what is Singapore style noodle? Over here, we have tons of different types but none called Singapore style! LOL! Anyway, let me assure you, the ones sold in Hawaii is most likely not Singapore style at all. I have always thought your Chinese food is very authentic. I think you once did wan ton noodles? Amazing! The duck as well, if I remember correctly. I even told your mum that in an email once :).

  2. heh heh heh Sans, i was about to post the same about how people overseas have "Singapore Noodles" and i have no clue what it is....

    sounds a little like "Sing Chow" noodles though...even looks a little like it...mmm with a twist of lime.....MMMMmmm

  3. Thanks guys!!

    LOL!!!! You know what? I had a sneaking suspicion that "Singapore Noodles" don't exist outside of the U.S.! It's a simple dish of pan fried rice noodles with curry powder, and you can add chicken, shrimp, red pepper, bean sprouts, onion...almost anything,really. I was going to make the noodles a tad more yellow than this because of the curry powder, but since they didn't turn out looking like rice noodles...

    Are Sing Chow noodles curried?