Friday, November 13, 2009

Hila Rosenberg's work...I'm speechless

World renowned writer for many miniatures magazines, Martha Puff, pointed us to the work of an artist in Israel named Hila Rosenberg (thanks Martha!). She does many things, among them model construction, animation, and illustration. Oh, and these cool "Maniera in a box". Here is a pic of her phenomenal work (LOVE the crooked houses!!) and a link to her website. Be sure to click on the section that says "My Dream House" and go through every set. WOW!!!


  1. Kiva, those houses are crazy! Thanks for sharing that link, I love her use of color, I love all of the color. :) And all of the crooked stuff is just wild!

    I heard you made IGMA Fellow, Congratulations, no "small" achievement there. Do we have to call you mister kiva, as you are now a fellow? ;)
    lol dale ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing the link. I had seen her work before when it was published in the Spanish miniatures magazine but the web site is better because there are a more pictures.
    Let's go to dream...

  3. LOL!! Dale, didn't you know? I went to Thailand to become a man, haha :-D!!! Thank you, Dale!

    I know, could you DIE?? They are like wild cartoons come to life...the color!! I'm thinking that maybe those are set pieces for filming movies? I would love an entire crooked house, fully furnished!

    Eva, this is the first time that I've seen her work and I am just gobsmacked! That woman is truly genius!!

  4. Kiva...thank you for sharing her work! it's so refreshing to see some NEW creative miniatures!!!
    I'm Gobsmaked too!!!!!
    Bugs & Hisses

  5. OMG! I think I have another fav now, Martha Puff. Her colours are both chaos and harmony all at once.

    Thank you, Fellow Kiva and CONGRATULATIONS! :)

    By the way, go watch Coraline if you haven't seen it. I just saw it today and 2 treats on 1 day-Tim Burton & Martha Puff- I am overdosing FAST. Saw the poster for Alice in Wonderland and Johnny Depp looked like a technicolour Maniera. Can't wait!

  6. Kiva, so glad you have a sense of humor. ;)

    This is making me think of Mackenzie Childs, she has a similar use of color and a lot of ornamentation. I believe she had a dollhouse in one of the mini mags years ago (shows my age;)

  7. Patty, it's positively dreamy, isn't it? That woman is GENIUS!!

    Susan, thank you so much!! I saw Coraline!! I wonder if Tim Burton knows who Hila Rosenberg is?? He should! I'd love to see some movies featuring her work. I'm aiting for Alive in Wonderland too :-D!!

    Hey Dale, does Mackenzie-Childs make human sized stuff as well as miniature? I googled the name and found alot of really cool furnishings and accessories. If that is the same person, I see what you mean...WOW!! I wish I could see a picture of that 1/4" dollhouse completely outfitted with Mackenzie-Childs- that would be fab!!

  8. I almost typed Mackenzie Phillips, btw :-/. I wish I'd seen her on Oprah!

  9. Kiva, lol ;)

    Yes, sounds like you found her, amazing stuff!

    I don't think it was 1/4".... I'll have to poke around a bit, maybe I can find the magazine... (wanders off aimlessly...;)

    Look on utube, it's probably there.

  10. Dale, this is funny: I googled images for Mackenzie-Childs dollhouse and I saw your gorgeous monogrammed cushions :-D!! They really are stunning!

  11. LOL, that is funny! ;) Thank you. :)