Saturday, November 7, 2009

Basket of eels

More fishy stuff in a basket


  1. Kiva, I really do love your fishes. You know, I have never tasted eel except in Japanese food. Can you eat the electric version? I mean , if the Japanese can make haute cuisine out of blowfish, they probably can make food out of anything.

  2. eew...i mean uh, eel, is my bf's fave food. at least the teriyaki unagi type is. i don't like the gritty/grainy texture of the flesh/bones...and the smell...ugh.....

    but yeah! that's a real convincing mini (it is mini, right?)of eel!

    Sans, i thought it was us chinese who made food out of anything...:X

  3. They would be perfect for the Coastal Cottage I am building...if I was not planning on selling the building.

  4. Yes,yes,yes,they are great!!!Hugs,Jeannette

  5. Yes, Cindy, the Chinese are good but I think the Japanese top us. You think Kiva will know how to make fish ball soup? or chicken blood stew?

  6. Oh Lord, HELP ME!! I'm about to throw myself off the balcony. In a nutshell:

    Reboot: "Operating system not found"
    Reboot again: "Operating system not found"

    ...and on and on. ALL DAY.

    I scanned for viruses, I defragged, I ran SpyBot and AdAware, I installed windows vista service pack 2, I did a restore and rolled my computer back several days, I ran a 2 hour hard disk and memory check....ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Sorry, rant over.

  7. I've had a horrid week, so thank you so much for liking my eels :-D!!

    Susan, I did a bit of googling when my computer was operable (ahem)and it appears that electric eels ARE edible! Hey, if the Japanese can make soup out of snake urine and serve up some poisonous blowfish, that should be a walk in the park, no? LOL!!

    Cindy, I do eat unagi, but honestly, it's not my favorite. I agree with you- it has a strange texture. I mean, it's edible, especially doctored up with that terriyaki sauce, but there are other things I'd eat before settling on unagi, for sure.

    Guys, an aunt of mine was in Hong Kong and had....(drum roll)... MONKEY BRAINS. I'm talking about the round table with the hole in the middle and the monkey's head popping out of the hole. They were all given some kind of mallot and instructed to smash the monkey's skull. The top of the skull was removed and they spooned out pieces of its fresh, warm brain and ate it. Ok, I am about to vomit.

    I think that the Chinese are more hardcore, for sure!

    Susan, I've eaten fish ball soup, but I am VERY intrigued by this mention of chicken blood stew. Is that a challenge ;-)?? If it is, you're on!!! I am off to google!!

    p.s. What is up with black chicken? I know it's considered medicinal, and the flesh is really dark, as in almost black. Is it yummy?? I do prefer dark meat, but I'm not sure about BLACK :-O!!!

  8. Wait, I'm seeing alot of Filipino food...and you KNOW how Filipinos love their blood, but no Chinese chicken blood stew. Can you guys find any pics?

  9. Gracias Teresa! Me alegra que te gustan las cosas muy curiosas!!!

    Thank you, Karin :-D!!

  10. Cindy, on a side note, this is why we are so enamored with Anthony Bourdain. He's got all the qualities we look for:


    Wicked sense of humour

    Willingness to try ANYTHING, even sheep's testicles in Africa. I have NO doubt he'd try snake urine soup or chicken blood soup. Or monkey brains, for that matter.

    Sexy as hell. He seems tall and rangy, which I dig, judging by this picture:
    - But he looks alot better on film, and in person, I'm sure. Borderline chicken legs in that shot :-/.

    Ok, and a healthy bank account doesn't hurt, either ;-)


  11. Kiva, I read all the comments and I strongly say that I shall stick to ravioli, tortellini, polenta, salame,prosciutto and so on. The monkey..... arghhh.... I cannot even eat calf DEAD brain !!!! But I love your works. BTW we eat eels in Italy as well but I do not love them very much.

  12. The eels look great. I'm eating with rosanna. ;)

  13. HAHA!!! Rosanna and Dale, I don't blame you one bit, especially after the bit about monkey brains! Rosanna, I can't eat brains, liver, pancreas...any of that stuff, either! I had sheep's tongue once at a Basque restuarant and it was ok, but maybe because it was doused with sauce and disguised :-p.

  14. I posted some chicken blood /intestines etc soup/stew on my blog when I did the Taiwan post. I will see if I can find them.They are not pretty so you may not want to waste your time, Kiva. Although I was attacked by a monkey when I was 6 and I do think it should be punished, I still can't bear to do a Hannibal's feast on him.One of the stories I heard was that one monkey actually cried (with tears rolling down etc) while his brain is being eaten. *sob

  15. Oh Jesus!!! Susan, I have a monkey story as well, but it's....very disturbing. At least, it was to my 6 year old self back then. I went with grandma to the Honolulu Zoo one afternoon and we were standing in front of the monkey cages. I saw the monkeys passing around a dead baby monkey and taking bites out of it. AHHHHH!!!!!! I was traumatized!!! It was just this limp, tiny monkey, and the "adult" monkeys were feasting on it. I could NOT believe my eyes. In hindsight, I understand that it was probably either born dead or very sickly, so they were just doing what came naturally to them, but you can imagine my utter horror. I think I almost passed out, but I do remember that a zookeeper came rushing over after I screamed bloody murder.

  16. Oh, and Susan, I don't do TOO much "pretty"
    ;-). I like the down and me!!

  17. That monkey story of yours is so so scary! But I know animals do that for survival. When you don't have enough resources, you kill your weaker offspring, eat it so that you build your reserves to care for the stronger ones.

    Kiva, I know you don't do pretty, you just do drop dead gorgeous right? LOL. OK, my post on Duck Blood Soup is
    Some other sausage and intestines stuff as well. I tasted Duck's tongue in Taiwan. I will never ever do brains unless they tell me its the antidote to wrinkles & sags. I finally understand why some men eat bull's testicles.

  18. Oh SUSAN!!!! The so called "gorgeous" is getting fewer and farther between!! With someone like you giving me inspiration (and no doubt, my own twisted sensibility), more and more, I am going to "the dark side" of food... and I dig it!!

    Hey, if brains were suddenly touted as the cure all for wrinkles and sags, I would be in line right behind you, sister! In fact, I would knock you down and be first in line :-D!!

    A good friend of mine, who lived in Thailand (an ex top male model who moved there to become a monk), has been injecting himself with some kind of hormone to maintain his youthful beauty. Yeah, the monkhood was totally out of the blue (he is the vainest human being I've ever met). He can't get it in the States, so he comes over with syringes and vials of the stuff. But let me tell you, he doesn't look much older than his late 20s (he's 44 now).

  19. Woohoo, Thailand here I go again! If your friend is still in the modelling circle, ask him if he knows Pichita, ex model turn fashion designer. Bangkok circle of who's who is small and I won't be surprise if we are 3 degree from each other!

    My sis' Thai partner also told us about a Thai doc who has invented a way of injecting something from the but* to your face so you can do both liposuction and "botox" at the same time!

    Btw, although the 1st sex reassignment surgery (male to female) was done in Singapore (1971), according to my doc friend here, the Thais have perfected the technique. I will email you the gory details if you want.

  20. SUSAN!! I am sure he knows him, but I will ask. Alika (my friend) made it really big in Japan, then when he got older, he moved to Thailand. The last big gig I know he booked was a commercial with Gong Li (whom I adore).

    Thailand is, indeed, on THE cutting edge (no pun intended) of plastic surgery AND in the medical field, no question. Alika told me that when his sister went to visit him (when he was a monk and she was trying to get him out of the country because she was convinced that he was in a cult), she told him that there were so many beautiful women in Thailand. Well, Alika told her that those beautiful women were, in fact, former MEN!! She was flabbergasted. AND, his sister is a former Miss Hawaii!!

    Hmmm....liposuction and botox in one go round. Is this fat transfer? Where they remove fat from one area and inject it into another? If so, this is what I need! You know when you age, how you lose volume/fat from your face and it totally ages you? Well, it happens, especially if you're really thin to begin with...which is me! I still look younger than my cronological age, but I'd look better with some plumper cheeks, damnit.

    Susan, you crack me up!! Speaking of transgender, there was a guy who lived in my apartment complex a couple years ago. He had a girlfriend, was a male nurse, nothing too exciting. But, I got to know him better and he was really funny and kind of quirky. Long story short(and since I zero in on the tiniest details about people/things, etc.), I started noticing that his arms and legs were ALWAYS hairless, that he wore clear nail varnish, loved the color pink, and was into jewelry making. Ok, no big whoop, really...but then he dropped THE BOMB. The girlfriend was gone and he told me that he was going through a sex change!! He went to Canada (his hometown) to have it done! He gave me the blow by blow about the surgery. He was at the stage where his balls were gone and he was just waiting for his penis to shrink so the docs could fashion a vagina!??

    But gah....he needs to go to Thailand STAT, because he is one unconvincing, unattractive woman!!