Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A bucket of clams

My mom made me an aged bucket for my raw clams. I told her to make it on the smallish side because I didn't want to make 500 clam shells, haha!!


  1. Ah ha, just what I need for my current project.

  2. Gosh.....such great!! What a perfect work you have done , Kiva!!
    Hugs, Karin

  3. now i know where you get your talent from, YOUR MOM. that bucket's perfect (is it wood/clay??)! and your equally perfect clams are just.. perfect too. okay i'm running out of adjectives for your sculptures Kiva. haha.

    and can i tell you how happy i am to find out that your perfect (i know totally over-used) strawberries AREN'T made with a skinner blend! haha, i hate doing that as well, always results in a lot of clay wastage and tonnes of time gone with me standing by the pasta machine. :)

  4. They are GORGEOUS Kiva! Love your Mum's bucket too {:O)

  5. Thank you, guys!!

    The bucket is wood (I am useless with wood) with a metal handle. Jocelyn, lol!! This is a quick and dirty way of doing it ;-). If I can get away with NOT doing a skinner, I am all over it. I like doing the shading manually, that's one of the most enjoyable parts! Same thing with fish, etc. But there are times when it's necessary (I just don't make too many things that require it, lol!!).

  6. Jocelyn and Carol, yes, my mom makes a ton of my stuff: buckets, baskets, crates, the labels and hang tags for my jars, etc. She has also made me tables. She's a lifesaver!!

    Carol makes gorgeous printed material and packaging, like perfect little food boxes, all kinds of cool stuff!