Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Basket of sweet potatoes

Well, I'm joining Sandikins with a small contribution to Thanksgiving! This is a simple basket of sweet potatoes. Hmmm...I'm on my mom's computer and these looked a touch redder on mine.


  1. People eat sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving? On my comp, your potatoes look like they have just been dug out and ready to be "pastried." Perfect shade of raw, ready & realistic.

    The leaves I was referring to are the green veg you put below your fishes.

  2. Thank you, Susan! I like making stuff look freshly dug, lol!! Sweet potatoes or yams for Thanksgiving, yes! Here in Hawaii, we eat alot of Okinawan sweet potatoes, which have a cream colored skin and an intensely purple interior.

    Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm making two roasted geese as we speak- one for a customer and one to list.

    Ok, now I know what green stuff you're referring to ;-)! I just kind of line the baskets with it, thinking it might look a little "kelpy"! I'm glad you that you think it looks yummy, though! Gramps was a hardcore fisherman and he would eat seaweed and other stuff right out of the ocean.

  3. Wow!!! Like Susan says; looks like they are just picked... or dug out!
    Normally I don´t celebrate Thanksgiving, but this year I am!
    (my boyfriend is american... with lots of relatives in Hawaii!!)
    So I am looking forward to see and taste the real thing!!!

  4. Thank you, Synnøve!! Are you coming to Hawaii for Thanksgiving or is he going there? Either way, get ready for a true feast :-D!!

    In ancient Hawaii, beauty was measured by how morbidly obese a woman was. The fatter, the more beautiful she was considered. Thank God I wasn't around in those days....I would be hideous! The village freak, lol!! True Hawaiian food is not so healthy, but it's delicious.

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  6. No Kiva, he is living in Norway =D! And the celebration takes place in our capital city; Oslo, at his sisters house. But hopefully we will visit Hawaii soon, maybe next year!

  7. I hope you do visit, synnøve!! Be prepared to do alot of eating :-D!!!

  8. Preciosos boniatos, nosotros los comemos para la Castañada el día de todos los Santos.