Monday, December 7, 2009

A little Tudor goodness

I love anything Tudor, and I stumbled upon an old bookmark for a site that made me drool! There isn't a lot of stuff, but what's there is really neat. And they make crooked houses :-D!


  1. Kiva you might like this link as well..

  2. thanks for the link! Such amazing things! :D

  3. Debbie, Oh. My. God. That site is INSANE!!! Ok everyone, go check out the link that Debbie just gave. I am gobsmacked :-O!!! GREAT find, thank you!!

  4. Kiva I have Vic's Street Scene, but had him make it as Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. Have a look in my album on FB or on my

  5. Kiva I think your like these links as well..
    Enjoy x

  6. Debbie! I've seen triggerpond, but it was years ago- thank you for reminding me! Actually, I wish you didn't remind me. That is another insane site!! AAARGH. Maybe I could get a kitchen roombox from triggerpond, at the very least? I'm going to start throwing some not so subtle hints at my sister :-p. God, those sites are just a smorgasbord- thank you so much!!

    Also, you have FABULOUS miniatures!! I adore your Diagon alley- that apothecary is killer! WOW!!

  7. beautiful Minis. The cart looks like one we did for a Keebler commercial 20+ years ago! Has that same "Old World" look too! These are all great sites for anyone looking for Tudor & Storybook research :)