Saturday, December 26, 2009

After Christmas Nightmare

I wasn't going to go shopping today....but, there were so many irresistible sales that I dragged my ass out of bed and hit it. I stood in one line at a shop for nearly an hour, my arms drapped with clothing I had gathered after a rocket tour. I almost left when I saw the line snaking around for what seemed like miles. Did I REALLY want another pair of jeans and black cords?? Ones that made my ass look even SMALLER so that I looked like Keith Richards younger , equally as strung out sister!?? Apparently, I did :-/. Then, it was off to lunch at a conveyor belt sushi joint, where little plates of yumminess go around and around and you just grab what you want as it goes by. By this point, I was drained and needed sustenance. This is not exactly fine dining, but I was so famished that I would have eaten a horse (which I did once, accidentally, in France). The place was SO cold, like a meat locker, so I shoveled down the food and ran outside to thaw out. My fingertips were completely numb and I felt like I was back at college, in Colorado, in the Winter (where I really DID get frostbite after tooling around on my scooter without gloves). I thought I should make something, so I watched "An Education" on my laptop while I made some fish to put on scales. GREAT film!! The lead actress is astonishing! Anyway, I feel like crap now, so it may be awhile before I update my blog, but here are pics of the conveyor belt sushi and my fish on scales.


  1. Did you just make that when you feel like crap?? You make me want to swear all the time, Kiva! That's one f'ing gorgeous scale with fishes!

    And to make things worse, you actually found jeans that make your ass look smaller?

    A report just came out that the retailers here are bleeding big time on Xmas because Singaporeans are suffering from shopping fatigue.

    Rest my dear, so that you can join another queue and get me one of those butt minimisers!

  2. Kiva and Sans,

    Thanks, I just had such a good laugh. You both crack me up!
    Fish looks great and I'm going shopping immediately, just incase they got some of those miracle-ass-minimizing pairs of jeans!

  3. HAHA!!!! Susan, I have the flu. Ugh. That chilly feeling in the Japanese restaurant was a precursor to a night of full blown fever and chills. I feel like I got hit by a truck. But yes, I did make the fish when I was starting my descent.

    Believe me, though, I need ass MAXimizing jeans. Anything that compresses what little is there is NOT good. Do padded jeans exist??

    Lize, we get goofy, don't we ;-)? I'm returning a couple things that I so greedily snatched up yesterday while in my feeding frenzy. My closet does not need more feeding, especially since I don't wear more than half the stuff in it :-/.

  4. Hello Kiva~ Again, I just love your fish!*grin*
    I hope you had a wonderful Christamas. I just did a post on your incredible work. Forgive my broken English too.have a lovely day~

  5. Wow!! Patricia, you made my day- thank you so much!!! That is so sweet of you, and I'm truly honored :-D