Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My critique!

Ok, I promised to report on the critique I received from the IGMA committee, so here it is. Note that some of the comments seem disjointed and there is a contradiction about one of the items (the peppers). I am guessing that comments were made by different individuals, so some of them differed in their opnions.


Wonderful overall appearance- appetizing and exceptional realism.
Fish is superb.
Good variety of foods, textures, and colors.
The meats look like meat! Good shaping of the carrots, and the tops (where the greens have been removed) are well colored- nice touch.
Roast looks so real! As do the fish. Very nice. Textures for the individual food types is right on. Good scale.
Root vegetables are well done- everything looks well in scale. Good shaping. Everything sits naturally.
Outstanding roast!! The best I have seen. The fat, color & transparency is great. Peas are wonderfully realistic. Agree about the carrot tops. Biscuits are great.
Good accessories. Love the stuffed peppers.

Areas of Improvement:

The stuffed peppers look to bright to have been cooked. Cooking dulls the colors, especially the red and green ones.

Fish plate could use some "juice" or something to make it seem to sit there more convincingly. Salsa is not convincing.

- Ok, that's it! I completely agree with the comment about the stuffed peppers. I should have dulled down the colors! About the fish "juice", I am usually a fanatic about "juices", but for some reason, either it doesn't show, or I didn't add it at all. I no longer have those pieces because I donated them, so I can't check. The fish are char grilled, so I'm not sure how much "juice" would be visible because of that. I am going to look, the next time I eat char grilled fish and report back ;-)!


  1. I also agree about the salsa not looking salsaish ;-). It's not really salsa, just chopped veg. I should have left it off.

  2. Like the famous chefs say...
    if at first you don't succeed fry, fry again.

  3. LOL!!! NO "salsa" on my grilled fish again, Karin! Unless I really make salsa salsa ;-). It's not a bad critique, all in all. And those are definitely things I would change.

  4. What it's really says is.... 'your work in wonderful and we all enjoy seeing it'....(and secretly hope to own a piece of it one day!!!)...but you make it so dam hard to choose what to buy!!!

    ~don't change a thing~

  5. Oh Linda!! You always bring a big smile to my face :-D! Hey, whenever the mood strikes and you see something, just holler. I would be more than honored to have one of my pieces in your beautiful settings (just as long as it's not dessert. Unless it's a "weird" dessert ;-))!!

  6. It is a very favourable critique :).

  7. Hey Kiva! Great critique...mind that's nothing less than your work deserves! I think you're right about the conflicting comments being from different judges & as we all know, the same things don't appeal to the same people..Thank God! I think you should have sent them your drunken octopus! Now THAT one really appealed to me!! LOL.
    I would say that char grilled fish wouldn't have any "juice" unnless you happened to pour olive oil over it !! :-))

  8. Thank you Teresa and Linda!!

    Linda, that is so true- it really is subjective, isn't it? But LOL!!!! And here's my drunken octopus, for the category of food...really RAW food :-D!!

    I think we both got good reviews! Your displays were so wonderfully done, and my mouth is still watering, think about those flakey, buttery looking croissants.

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions about the fish juices, too! Linda, olive oil would be killer on that. Olive oil on just about anything...I'll take an IV drip!