Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The bags are out of control!

Wow, my eye bags are now holding bags. I have nesting bags, like a Russian doll. I need a porter to carry them!!! I think these are permanent. Between the disfigured thumb, the eye bags, and the disappearing ass from sitting for so long, I am paying the price for all this miniature making.


  1. Descanse Kiva! haga unas minis vacaciones, un poco de sol, unas cuantas horas de sueño, y buenos alimentos.
    Tiene que cuidarse.

  2. Kiva, if you complain about how you look I shall send you a pic of mine...privately ! we all need a good nigh sleep I suppose. May be two :)))

  3. hahaha Kiva! i know too well about the disappearing ass.. i mean mine, not yours. hahah. my boyfriend is always nagging me to move around more often, maybe i should get a worktable that's high enough to stand. :)

  4. Hi Kiva, rest and get over because we need to see your wonderful creations.
    I'm worried, though I'm much time sitting my huge ass does not go away, you're very lucky.
    An affectionate greeting from Spain, Sonia

  5. HAHA!!! You guys crack me up!!! I think I may invest in a pair of underwear with "padded cheeks"....or just wear a Depends :-D.

    I do hop on my stationary bike every day for excercise, but of course, I'm still SITTING!! I also try to lift free weights every other day. Can't you tell??

    I'll snap a pic of my asslessness and post it tonight. Can you imagine? Hey, no miniatures to show, so here's my ASS!!! That would be truly frightening :-O

    p.s.- Sonia, I will gladly take some ass off your hands. Please send some!!

  6. Kiva, you are a beautiful woman. I use cold potatoes over my eyes. I am a country girl that knows all silly ( but it works) natural remedies,grin!
    You work is fantastic. Many times I want to leave you a note but I am having computer issues and it is not letting me.
    During my late nights I enjoy look at my favorite blogs and yours is one of them. Your beautiful work is exciting and demands LOTS of sitting, I can relate , but please remenber you need the rest as well.I am anxious so see what will you be making next! lovingly~

  7. Awww Patricia, I thank you for that!! I'm so happy that you like my blog, as goofy as it can get sometimes (ok, alot of the time);-). By the way, I took one look at your phenomenal work and wanted to do a feature on you on my blog!! I was astounded at all the things you make :-O!!! I can't grab any of your pictures (I tried!), so I'm going to put a link instead ;-).

    I will try potatoes on the eyes! Sometimes good old country remedies are the best, although I think I need liposuction of the lower lids, lol!!! Just kidding.

    Thanks again, Patricia...and thank YOU for making miniatures I can gaze at for hours!!

  8. Oh My GOODNESS Kiva! I am SOOOOO honored!*grin*
    I don't even know what to say for you to feature me??? ((( Thank you kindly Kiva!) and yes, I know all kinds of farm folk remedie and if you ever have problems with coughing and can't sleep, let me know, grin, I *promise* you that what works best than any medicine over the counter!*smiles*~

  9. Patricia, I tried grabbing some of your pictures but I couldn't (I'm naughty). I thought it was better for everyone to visit instead since there is just so much cool stuff to look at ;-).

    But now that you mention it, I do have a sleeping issue. I tried Ambien but it felt more like I popped a Quaalude!! I like to sleep, not fall into a deep coma :-p

  10. Kiva, your list of problems are minor. Wait till you get to be my age ... I could write a book!!

    Now, plunk your dissapearing apathy onto a chair and get back to work ... (ROFLMAO)

  11. ROFL!!!! Tom, the difference is, you are like a fine wine. Seriously, you are the type who gets better with age. And by the way, you are NOT old!! I think you look great!! Ok, I'll shut up now and get back to work, sitting on my no ass ;-).

  12. HA ... Jackie says there is no way I can ever come to Hawaii without her!!

    Fine wine ... I love it!

    Methinks I best go back to work as well!

  13. HAHA!!! Come on down, both of you!! We'll sneak out and get tattoos ;-). I'll get my fifth one, which I've been itching to do, and you can get another one too! Maybe you can get one of a lathe :-D

  14. Who knows .... maybe sometime after we get moved and settled. We will be more than ready for a holiday by then!!

    Methinks more tats would be out. Now, mention some sort of exotic drink and Her Nibbs would be all over it!!