Monday, December 21, 2009

Blue Moki fish

Sometimes I like to google pics of edible fish to make, and I found a saltwater one named Blue Moki. Never heard of it before! And well, it's bluish and I wanted to use my blue Pearl Ex pigment ;-).


  1. And you did it successful , Kiva.
    Great work as always !!!

  2. Very nice! Your work never ceases to amaze me.


  3. *flip flop*

    i had to take a 2nd look when i glanced through my fb and saw your beautiful!

    btw, i think my mail has gotten lost in your spam folder again :( yours keeps winding up marked as 'read' by my stupid gmail. grr.

  4. Thank you Karin, Teresa, Mike, and Cindy :-D! I think fish are my favorite thing to make, so I get lots of practice!

    Cindy, not again!! What is up with the mail situation?? Even after I mark stuff NOT spam, it goes right back in again. AARGH!! Ok, I'm going to go look.

  5. When I read your post I thought you were *planning* to makethe fish and this picture was the real fish.... no way.... is it yours??? I am speachless... this is amazing!smiles~

  6. Kiva, may I feature you on my blog? if yes, may I use some of your pictures to link back to you?(((thank you)))

  7. Wow!! Thank you Patricia!!! Of course you can put me on your blog, and take all the pictures you want :-D! I'm honored!!