Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seafood in jars

Yes, as you may have surmised, I like to put food in jars, not just baskets ;-). Here's a selection of jarred seafood.


  1. You truly are amazing because I think jar food is even harder to pass the "close up" tests than the others? I have always love your jar food, Kiva. The last one "marinated waffles????!!" sorry, can't read your mind blowing (what am I saying, they all are..I am just curious how you make those shells). So dearie, do you like make all your food from scratch? What about the bottles? Sorry if that is a rude question..:). Will you ever publish a book on how-to? I want to pre-order.

  2. Thanks Susan!! I cheated- I didn't make those shells, but I did put the "meat" in them ;-). I do make food from scratch...and I WISH I could make my own jars and stuff, that would be a dream come true! But I order them en masse and just fill them. My mom labels them and puts the tags on.

    Some day I will put a book out, Susan. It just seems like such a monumental task! But I would be VERY jazzed if you tried your hand at making food. When are you going to start??? I will walk you through whatever you want to make (that I know how to do). Just ask and you shall receive, darlin'!

  3. So very realistic to. I love the sardines in oil:)

  4. Love those oysters and sardines, Kiva.
    I don't think anyone beats you on Fish & Seafoods.

  5. Wow...I am just amazed!!!


  6. Those look awesome! I always wondered where you get the jars. I cannot find the glass jars anyway. :X

    P.S. Lemon trees, although nice, are very hard to maintain (at least for now.) At the moment they have ants all over them! Yikes! Now if I can put them in jars and pass them as mutant ants from space for miniatures... ;P

  7. Thanks so much, everyone!! There are so many things you can put in jars- it's almost endless...and kinda fun!

    Betty, I know! My aunt has lemon and lime trees, among other things, and she is constantly tending to them. I think if I had one, it would die :-/. We just go to her house to pillage whatever we can get our hands on, lol!!