Monday, December 14, 2009

Won Ton soup, without spoons :-/.

You have no choice but to raise that bowl to your mouth ;-)! If anyone finds some Chinese soup spoons, just let me know!


  1. Couldn't you make some Chinese soup spoons from poly clay? It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult. Love the soup!

  2. Thank you, Casey!! You know, I thought about it, but because the bowls are porcelain, I wanted porcelain ones (or something with the same feel and finish). They look like this:

    I remember when I first started making miniatures and I tried making my own plates, platters, and cups with clay. OY VEY! Let's just say, not good. Sue Heaser does them REALLY well, but mine looked like caca :-/.

  3. I suggest you hire Linda Master to carve you a master to use for creating a mold. Then hire someone to make the molds and fire the spoons for you. I am sure you can get the mold pouring and firing done right in Oahu.

    I have seen in person what Linda can carve and she will do an incredible job of it, affordable too.

    She just sent me a 1:24 fully detailed stone garden gnome. I had sent her some chunks of limestone to try carving. I opened my mailbox the other day and the gnome was hiding in it (inside the cardboard box, incredible level of realistic detailing on a very tiny item. Even my good Nikon can't capture the details.

  4. Hey, at least I "whittled" the chopsticks :-p

  5. First of all, Karen, you are (and I hate to use the word) AWESOME!! Secondly, you are now in possession of a 1:24 garden gnome!?? I LOVE garden gnomes!! My dad bought me 8 of them in S.F. (little hard plastic ones). My sister bought me an actual full sized garden one, which is in my room.

    Ok, I will google Linda Master (I guess she is named accordingly ;-)) and ask her if she'll do it :-D!! I've always wanted to do molds, but never quite got around to it. Thank you once again, Karin!! Thou rocketh the Casba!.

  6. Oh, it's her!!!! I remember visiting her site years ago, and being a little confused because I didn't see any miniatures, just pet urns. But I see that she has alot more stuff!! Look at all those fabulous animals :-O. Wow, she can carve her as off. Ok, I'm going to email her.

  7. have such an eye for how to make it look so appetizing!!!
    I bet you can cook the real thing too?

    And you know; you can buy new boobs and ass, but your talent, skills and kindness are unique! A Champagne toast ( in a wide glass) to that.. lol !!!


  8. HAHA!! synnøve, you are an angel...and a funny one, too ;-). I can't cook that, but I can open a styrofoam bowl and pour boiling water on it! Mom makes wicked won ton soup. I can't cook :-/. Or rather, I don't have the patience. Isn't that odd??

    You are right, though. I will keep my miniature boobs and continue my life as a "pirate's treasure", ie, a sunken chest (as my best friend from high school used to call me). She was heavily endowed....and they're probably now at waist level, so there :-D!

  9. Kiva, you are so much fun!

    Just popping in real quick. ;)

    I'm surprised you haven't made your own spoons, but I see your reasonings. ;)

    I've been meaning to say, you want to adopt me, lol, but that was a few posts ago. ;)

    Banannas are the perfect food, btw, they come in their own container.

    dale's dreaming of Hawaii. :)

    You are a treasure dear one and just remember mini things are great things. :)

  10. Kiva cook?! Hah! I have to comment on the aforedisplayed bowls of won ton soup. Besides the choi sum (the green stuff), not all of the other objects floating around are won tons. Some are slices of char siu, barbecued Chinese pork, and for some obscure reason the outside of the pork is red. I guess red food dye is incorporated into the glaze/marinade. Whatever color, char siu is delish!