Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little fishies, not raw, fried

I HAD to make some fishies, inbetween the avalanche of Halloween stuff, so I made little deep fried, whole fish (I made them before). I was in Greece....erm, way back when, and I couldn't get enough of these guys! EVERY day, I would walk down the hill from my hotel, and go to the corner "deli" to buy a bag full of them, and these turnover thingees stuffed with Feta cheese. I could seriously live and eat like a "peasant" and be perfectly happy. Ok, as long as my house was a villa on Santorini or something ;-).


  1. They are wonderful. fried anchovies are one of my favorites too. In Genoa we buy them in a paper bag and munch along the way. Yumm. Rosanna

  2. Hello Kiva, I always step into your blog, to see your creations, but this time I was very impressed and I feel the need to leave a comment!
    your fried fish very much resemble those that I actually cook in 1:1 scale!
    are anchovies?? in Italy is a dish much appreciated! I wish I had it in my dollhouse!
    I want to know if this mini is for sale, or we could do a swap ...
    You can send an email here:
    thanks! many kisses!!

  3. Your fried fish brings a lot of good memories of My stays in Greece. Like you I love it. What you made is fantastic.

  4. oh frell. i love eating fried fish, like shisamo too?? these look brilliant!! along with the lemon wedges, of course! OMNOMNOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As a greek who loves this little fried fish, I must say that you got them absolutely PERFECT!

  6. Kiva As always I remain speechless ... I love fried fish now also in miniature

  7. Kiva... I can't imagine the taste of the real ones but I would love to try them.

    Your mini versions are perfection!!! You can see that they were fried!?? How in the world you do that is beyond me!!!

  8. Gosh, these look good enough to eat they look sooo real. I can't believe they are 1/12th scale!

    We have deep fried whitebait overhere as a starter.

    If you haven't tried already..try pickled anchovies in oil/vinegar, just divine..YUMMY! lol

    Michelle xx

  9. i am hungry for fish! better go sleep it off lol.

    great work kiva! :)

  10. When we went to Turkey, they called these little fish "popalina". I couldn't eat them, I can't eat anything that looks like it's looking back at me, lol.
    Anyway, these look exactly like them. :)

  11. Hi Kiva!
    Love those fish too, it brings back good memories of holidays on greek islands. They serve them as Smallfish, and the smaller the better, so you don´t have to bite the head off. A lot of lemon and salt, retzina and a greek salad, yummy!
    Your meal looks so real, thanks for shoving us and bringing back memories.
    Love, Susanne

  12. Why do your blogposts always make me head for the pantry??
    What a magic touch you have, Kiva!!

    Hello to Linda, too :)

  13. Just want to add to Rosanna's comment. This reminds me of the our time in Genoa . Remember our fried fish lunch at the pier? And I think we had leftovers to bring to the train. I love those! :):) Thanks for the memories, Kiv :)

  14. Hey, thanks guys!!! Wow, I am so excited that so many of you have had this, whether it be Italian or Greek! I am a huge fan of Mediterranean food as well, not just Asian ;-).

    Hey Catarina, you can email me at: tobacco9@yahoo.com ;-)

  15. ¡Que sabrosos! Has logrado unos pescaditos fritos muy tostaditos. Se ve que están crujientes :)
    Me encantan.
    Besos Clara

  16. Kiva, tu pescado es siempre una maravilla, frito, muerto, fresco, da igual como lo hagas, siempre es perfecto.

  17. Kiva, Those look so good I can almost taste them!! I need to go the the coast now and have some fried fish!!!

  18. Sorry I haven't commented before, though I did visit your blog which is fab. These fish and lemon wedges look so real! I have just been watching a Rick Stein programme where a little chap cooked whole fish just like this and then I saw yours and it made me laugh. How strange eh!

  19. Thanks so much, gals!!! I'm so pleased you like them!