Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween cometh

I usually don't start this early, but making weird stuff is not much of a stretch for me! Hell, I make em all year round :-D!! What I usually don't do is make sweets/desserts. I think Halloween is an exception, for the most part. The possibilities for making Halloween goodies are endless, and this is one thing I've made so far. I also made the Pumpkin Heads, and included one of my hideous fishes (so Kristy can see what I made for her, but she gets two on a board ;-)).


  1. Hah love the fish - he has that 'don't eat me or you'll die' expression!

  2. Hi Kiva
    ohh wow these are funny and amazing little creatures:)

  3. ¡Muy buenos trabajos! Esas calabazas están muy simpaticas con sus ojos y la de la lengua fuera es ideal.
    El pescado definitivamente muy carnivoro. ¡que susto su lo encuentras es la playa!
    Besos Clara

  4. Alien cupcakes... what a great idea! I am going to have to try to make those in 1:1 scale to eat... hmmm

  5. Hahahahahahah! Kristy is going to die when she sees this :). They are all funny, Kiva :) but the fish wins Comedy Night :).

  6. Love those all! Those Green ones make me happy...cupcakes like them With only one eye !!!, in size 1/1, might be real succee in granchild`s birthdayparty... :) He will be 4years! But no way..
    And those pumpkins are really funny!

    The Fish really tells us something!

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I was hoping it would be a "butt ugly" fishy but I figured they were too much of a pain to make with those long sharp teeth!!
    Kiva he's awesome!!!!!! I LURV him!!! I can't wait to see him in person. Whoooohoooo, I'm going to have my own Kiva miniature! Me very, very happy. :)
    Love the cupcakes too, what a great idea! And the pumpkins are sooooo damn cute!!!

  8. I love them all and am glad to see that I'm not the only one whose started on Halloween stuff. I can't wait to see your other Halloween things.

  9. Kiva me encanta cuando haces trabajos inusuales.
    Las calabazas son muy simpáticas!

  10. Thanks, you guys!!

    HOLY COW, Robin!!! Your needle felting (which I ADORE)continuously knocks me flat out on my arse!!! What I wouldn't give to be able to needle felt like you do. Seriously.

    Kristy!! For you, my dear, not a pain at all!!! It is the LEAST I could do after all the killer pieces you have made me. I finished the bloody roast, as well ;-)!

    Ok, now that I am taking a frigging break, I am off to go look at everyone's goodies :-D!!! FINALLY.