Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yet more eyeballs, and salty bones

Not Eyeball Stew, but similar....a hearty eyeball soup! I paired this set with a basket of delicious moldy bread. The other one is something I made last Halloween (again, because I love making bones!): salty bones (pretzels or bread sticks).


  1. I just love the eyeball stew, its so spooky! I remember a tutorial on amking somethin glike this in a mag, must dig it out and have a go for miniature of course! Kate xxx

  2. Love it! Who thought eyeball stew would look so appetizing?

  3. Those eyeballs look delicious!

  4. And that bread looks great, too. It reminds me of the "Worm Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out' song. ".....They your turn stomache a slimey green, then they turn it to whipping cream, they spread it on some moldy bread, and that's what you eat when you're dead."

  5. ¡Que apetitoso guiso! Consigues que sea agradable lo que es desagradable. Me comería un pequeño hueso salado.
    Besos Clara

  6. Eeek! That soup looks like something they'd eat in Singapore, doesn't it Sans? Along with the blood cubes? LOL
    It looks so real that it's disgusting, but what a great mini Halloween meal. Now those pretzel bones look really yummy - got a craving for something salty now.

  7. Simply amazing!! Keaver makes the best eyeball stew in the world. Me ruvs!!

  8. Hahahahaha, Kristy! When (notice I say when , not if) visit me, I will cook a pot of that just for you! It will be my 1st but I make really good moldy breads :).

    You have such original ideas for Halloween food, Kiva. Salty bones? hahahaha!! If someone ever opens up a real restaurant in your honour, Kiva and make all these food that you have created,except that they will be real life of course, like mummies cookies, eyeball stew, frightening fried fish and salted bones, will you eat them?

  9. Thanks,guys!!
    Kate, I did do an eyeball tutorial a few years ago, methinks. It wasn't in a stew, though. I want to see what you come up with!!

    Robin, love that ;-)!!

    Kristy!!! Blood cubes!! Hey, if we ever meet up with Susan in Singapore (and I really hope we do), I WILL try blood cubes!!

    Lancey, you are my boyfriend. You like everything I make. Well, almost. There have been some things you thought sucked ass :-D!!

    Susan, what a fantastic idea for a theme restaurant, haha!! I would not be surprised if there already IS one in Asia somewhere!! Remember that hospital themed restaurant in Japan??? They wheel a "corpse" out on a gurney, and guests slice into it!!!!