Friday, September 24, 2010

Good lawdy, Miss Glenda!!!!

I was puzzled when mom plunked down a package from New Zealand on on my table. I usually get all my packages from the UPS store, but this one was retrieved from my tiny apartment mailbox. I looked at the name on the package. Glenda!!  Hmmm....what on earth could it be?? I opened it, only to be gobsmacked to find the tiny handmade treasures she sent me (which I have admired before)!!!! Completely unexpected, and such a joy!!!! It really was like a mini Christmas, and brightened my otherwise miserable day. THANK YOU, GLENDA!!!! You are such a doll....a very talented doll, at that ;-)!!! Expect another addition to that gorgeous new kitchen of yours, too!
Check out Glenda's spanking new dollhouse here (as an aside, Kristy, we NEED dollhouses. Hello??) :

Her etsy shop with TONS of cool miniatures:

My goodies!!!


  1. Gorgeous! I love her stuff, especially the leather ones. I am going to have my own Miss Glenda moment soon :)!

    Go get that dollhouse already!

  2. Lucky you Kiva! I have one of Glenda's journals and also a beautiful rug that I treasure- she is a very talented, sweet, generous miniaturist.

  3. What a lovely surprise Kiva. Glenda's work is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your surprise. Hugs~ Kim

  4. Glenda's work is amazing and so to scale. I own a few of her bottles, a rug and a bag! :o))

    Yes, get a dolls house I'd love to see you do one!:o))

    Michelle xx

  5. Oh wow, what an awesome surprise!!! I love Glenda's work and I still can't believe that Lake House was her first house-get out!!!

    Kiva, I know!!!!! I think I might get a little quarter scale house kit to put together and fill with critters and fun stuff from other miniaturists (food, furniture, books, kitchen stuff, decor, etc.) I'm feeling broke just thinking about it though, LOL.

  6. Oooooh I love Glenda's work! She makes great things. Isn't it fun to get a surprize in the mail.

    I agree Kristy... The lake house it so cool. I am ready to move in.

  7. Enhorabuena, Glenda es una gran artesana.
    Yo tengo miniaturas de ella y son fantasticas.
    besitos ascension

  8. Hey, I'm blushing here :) Thankyou!
    When I looked at my dollhouse I realised that without the mini artisans' work it wouldn't have been the same. This was just a little thankyou for your fabulous work - it's inspirational!!


  9. ¡Que preciosidad de regalo y que maravillosa sorpresa! Glenda tiene unas manos sorprendentes.
    Besitos, May

  10. ¡Enhorabuena por estas minis preciosas!
    Glenda tabaja muy muy bien.
    Entiendo que te alegre el dia.
    Besos Clara

  11. What a lovely surprise. I've also been a very lucky recipient of Glenda's generosity in the past. Her items are beautifully made..x

  12. Okay maybe I'm just a snoozebox but Kiva, do you have a dollhouse and if we ever get to see it??