Saturday, April 17, 2010

Raw seafood platter

Here's a platter of raw seafood on ice. Presumably, this is to be cooked, but you could probably eat most of it raw, no?


  1. Tienes toda la razon, todo lo que has hecho se puede comer crudo si esta fresco.
    Y todo tu pescado se ve muyyyyyyy fresco, te ha quedado genial y se ve muy real, enhorabuena!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. We are no longer encouraged to eat raw clams because of hep A. Just the oysters for me, thank you, with loads of lemon and tobasco sauce. I love your platters, Kiva.

  3. I love the oysters!!! Overall just so convincing real looking!

    Michelle xx

  4. Oh!, wonderful. It is very real.
    A Carmen hug

  5. I can practically smell the fresh, fishy odour! (that's a good thing :)

    Realistic and, as always, more than just realistic -- a work of art in its composition. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

  6. Well, I honestly can not say it looks "delicious" because I won't eat raw fish or meat (yuk!). And I don't think I could eat those squid raw or cooked. But, I do think they are kind of cute, lol. And of course, as always, I'm amazed at all the detail work involved and how everything looks so real.
    Kiva, do you ever show pictures with something life size next to your miniatures? I think it would be cool to see how small they are. :)

  7. I'm glad to have found your blog, your food is so good. The seafood platter is superb. The oysters (like the rest) look so real.

  8. Kiva, I agree with Kristy. After seeing food at the show this weekend, I was surprised at how small everything was. Internet pics are so clear and detailed that your brain doesn't allow you to accept the real size without a comparison. I had to get a magnifying glass to believe I was looking at strawberries!

    And, your food is so totally awesome that something to show size would prove it's not real when my brain is telling me it has to be!

  9. Thanks you guys! Hey, as usual, the squid and crabs have that cartoonish look, eh? Kristy, the Piglet Squid are next :-D!

    Nina, you are a doll! And also a woman after my own Tudor/Medieval heart ;-)! VERY cool blog, jusr chock full of GREAT stuff!!!

    Susan, I wish I liked raw oysters, but I can't help but think I'm swallowing elephant boogers :-(. This, no matter how much I doctor tham up, damnit!!! Fried oysters and oyster stew, though? Holy mother of God, YES.

    Hey Carolyn, congratulations to you, my friend, for a successful Tom Bishop show in Chicago!!!! Here's to next year, when you will kill them again!!!

  10. Piglet squid!!!!!????????? Ooooh, can't wait, can't wait!!!