Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An award!!!

And it is from my good buddy, Kristy of Mini Menagerie: http://minimenagerie.blogspot.com/
Danke Shoen, my little fart head!! In turn, I would like to bestow this award to the following five peeps:

1- My good friend Thomas Saunders, because I love to annoy the living shit out of him: http://turningsinminiature.blogspot.com/

2- Because I lurv TINY: http://lerevetompouce.blogspot.com/

3- I love all the fine details and I admire someone who takes on a big project and follows it all the way through. I only wish I had that kind of patience. Remarkable!!

4- She's a nutcase! Hilarious, talented, runs (several) immensely entertaining blogs, and I plan on visiting her sometime so we can eat weird food and get tattoos ;-). Oh, and it is the only site I visit where I am not urgently compelled to turn the music off (I dig it)!  http://sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.com/

5- Last but not least, to Carolyn, a master AND good buddy: http://carolynmohlerkraft.blogspot.com/


  1. Hey! I think you there's a typo at no.3! Who's she/ he? LOL.

    O, when o when will you visit! Go work and earn money already! Right now, there's a blood bath, literally in Bangkok. Do you guys get the news about how the "Red Shirt" or the protesters are throwing blood contaminated with HIV at the marches? Some of my colleagues have bought tics to go there on 21st and are still considering going. They are just afraid the shopping malls will be closed..hahaha! Mad Singaporeans :). But the news do play things up. I have been to Bangkok many times with news in Singapore saying this road or that would be closed with demonstrations. Nothing!

    I have digressed. Sorry, babe! Thank you for this award :). So pretty! Wuvvvvv it!

  2. Oh, even I can't stand the music. Just switch it off on the "ipod" when it is too much :). I just want to keep the "ipod" on my blog but need at least 1 track on it. Looking for a song called "Silence" that really is silent. Know any?

  3. ROFL I laughed so damn hard when I saw your comment under my Award post on my blog Kiva!!!!!! And I can't believe you are sending it to TOM and CAROLYN - you know they will be so thrilled!!!!

  4. Well, thanks, Kiva! I am honored! Truly I am, but what is the proper blog etiquette for awards? Fart head sent me one as well, but I never got it, or yours. How do you know, other than reading the blogs?

  5. Carolyn, you are so funny :). See, we are supposed to accumulate these awards from all over the world and then one day, when we have the money, go collect them in person :). The person giving us the award must host us in their homes, feed us and show us their country, anywhere we want to go, everything on them. That's why I LOVE these awards! ;p

  6. Susan, I have heard about the bloodbath, yes!! And this, after I got all excited after seeing Anthony Bourdain's segment on Bangkok :-/. I will still go sometime, unless it's complete and utter insanity. Like, bombs going off or something.

    I actually listen to quite a bit of atmospheric nature music, believe it or not, especially at night, so I put on some crickets, a thunderstorm, ocean waves, rainforest, that kinda thing. I have a couple sound machines, but I've been using an app I put on my iphone. I dock it at night in my spanking new Bose (thanks mom!) so I can hear it in stereo.

  7. Kristy, bwaaa!!!!!!! You know that they are so honored they want to slap me upside the head!!!

    Carolyn, copy and paste the award on your blog, then name five peeps you want to give the award to, with links to their blogs :-).

    Ok, Susan, you are killing me over here!!! Are you coming to Hawaii?? You will eat VERY well, despite evidence of the contrary (me. But I'm working on it. It's difficult for me to gain).

  8. Hi, there's an award for you in my blog :)


  9. Thanks Kiva ... Like I said in my email, I am making some special blunt needles for your tattoo guy to use on you next time ...ROFLMAO.

    I like Sans idea ... an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii ... I could handle that!!! I like single malt scotch, expensive sea food, beach front accommodations ... it would be great!

    Thanks for honoring me once more by using one of my platters to show off your splendid work. That is another of your masterpieces.


  10. Oh Ira!!!!! You little bugger, you!! Thank you sweetie ;-). I think I have that one?? Are we allowed to have two of the same?

    Tom, I will put off the drilling until I receive my blunt needles from you, ok? Will you also be including some Oxycontin in my package??

    HAHA!!! Tom, I am very close to the beach, walking distance. I used to go and fry, but now the sun is my enemy (the tattoos). I will forever remain sallow :-/.

    The honor was mine, Tom!! ANYTHING put on one of your pieces elevates it to the next level. I could put a pile of shit on it and it would sell ;-).

  11. O, those bikini years, wherefore art thou? Isn't Hawaii everyone's must-visit-b4-u-die place? When I fit into a bikini again, which may take forever or a few surgeries, Hawaii here I come!

  12. LOL!!!! Susan, I'd like to be able to freaking fill out a bikini, ok? I have to buy a training bikini top, practically. A couple days ago, I was in Walmart (I know, don't say it)and I was walking around the store with my entire right nipple on display and I didn't even know it. That is, until I sweet old lady told me! I usually don't wear a bra, and the tank top I was wearing was a bit too plungingish, hence the nip slip. I was mortified, to say the least.

    Surgery!!!! Susan, I highly doubt that you need it!! But you are in the prime location for some first class plastic surgery, that's for sure ;-).