Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love Thomas Saunders because....

he always has wood ;-)! My darling and talented great friend, Tom, has recently moved and is just now getting around to the monumental task of setting up his new workshop. In honor of Tom, I have used one of his gorgeous woodturned pieces for a cheese and fruit display! Check him out:


And be sure to keep your eye on his etsy shop for new works: http://www.etsy.com/shop/turningsin


  1. Fabulous, Kiva.

    Tom is a luverley fella! I met him at the fair in York a while back (and his wife) he bought a couple of pieces from me, too.

  2. Is your attempt at softening him up before you slam him with another award? LOL
    Beautiful wood turned platter and as always, your fruit and cheese are unbelievable. Wish it was real and right in front of my hungry face right now.

  3. Truly wonderful work by the pair of you! Fantastic! Your fruit and cheese look so real! :o)) I own a wonderful bowl by Tom. :o)

    Michelle xxx

  4. Mags baby, I know, he told me!! And he had nothing but glowing things to say about you and your work :-D!!

    Kristy, lol!!!! I always flirt with Tom, this is no exception ;-). I may just slam him with another award shortly. He will KILL ME.

    Thank you Michelle!! I hear ya- I tend to hoard any pieces I have from him, but every once in awhile, I have to use them because they are so great!! I still have a standing ashtray in my stash which I doubt I will ever part with!! I can't wait until his new workshop is set up because he'll be making some metal pieces!!!

  5. Hey Kiddo ... I was born at night ... but it weren't last night!!!

    Nice try though! Did you ever get your wee mice swinging from that as tray? You have reminded me I have to make some more of those puppies.


  6. Oops ... keyboard broken ... it don't spell anymore!