Saturday, April 3, 2010

More bananas, and a crappy pic of my back

I was commissioned to make more bananas, this time yellow(ish), green, and red, so I made extra to sell on ebay. The last time I made red bananas, I mixed a reddish clay, but this time I took some pale yellow and chalked that sucker. The other (crappy pic) is my growing tattoo, the one that is covering up the old tattoo that I got when I was young and impulsive. Wait....I'm still impulsive :-/. It still needs work, so I will continue making pieces for the fat biker in exchange for inkage! Oh, and pain. Because the pic is so overexposed, you can't really see that it is surrounded by black and grey roses and foliage, but it is.


  1. Groovy body art, Kiva!!
    A tattooist in town here advertises 'Free pain with every tat'. I could never make up my mind what to get tattooed on me, I once had the idea of getting one of my favourite crop circles done, but my favourite keeps changing. And I'm a coward.

    The bananas look luscious!

  2. miniaturist59 said...

    Glenda, do it baby!! But first, do a little research- meaning, don't go to the first tattoo shop you see, look at the artist's portfolio, and shop around. Don't look for the lowest prices (very important), but rather, level of skill and reputation. That thing on my back that I had to get covered ended up costing me MUCH more than I paid for the original tattoo (and its still not done, so thankfully, he is willing to "trade")! The cost of laser surgery removal is HIGH, painful, and will leave a scar you may not be happy with.

    But, as far as pain is concerned? Yes, it can be excrutiating, but it often depends on where you get it done. Fleshy areas are less intense. Mine is on my back, and I have a bony ass back, so it feels like he is really hitting bone....but after awhile, I become numb to it. I just invision how happy I will be with the end result, and it's so worth it ;-).

    To me, it is a fascinating (and ancient) art form, and one I do not mind having on my skin forever. Mind you, I would never be so completely covered that it's is the first thing you notice, but as another form of adornment, I love it! I am not into piercings or anything else, so this is my "thing" ;-).

    I've come to the conclusion that I am most drawn to classic, somewhat "old-school" American , as opposed to other forms, such as tribal, Japanese(although beautiful), Bio-Mech, etc. It all boils down to what you want to keep forever, so really delve into that research ;-)

  3. I never knew red bananas existed. I only know the yellow and green ones. Do they taste the same? They look very nice.

  4. Wow Kiva-beautiful tattoo!! Fat biker dude is pretty talented. Where's the anatomical heart and octopus??
    I completely agree about not going for the cheapest tattoo artist in town, as what used to be a pretty little rose on my ankle now resembles...hmmmm...a squashed bug maybe, lol.

  5. Josje, they're smaller than regular bananas and a little "fruitier". They're quite yummy!

    Kristy, I have nixed the biker's anatomical heart below the roses idea!! I've tried, but I just can't see it. The octopus? Hell yes, I'm going to get him, once this thing on my back is finished. I've decided to get a skull in a rose, to put a final end to the whole rose thing on my back.

    That thing I was covering looked like a dark green blob too!! The smaller the tattoo, the more, years down the line, it will resemble a blob! This is why some artists will discourage getting anything TOO small, because years from now, it will look like shit!

    I am a fanatic now about tattoo aftercare. I will no longer bake in the sun, and I use SPF 50 or 70 on my tats when I go out, exposed. Sun is the enemy!!

  6. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.....

    Kiva, do you bite a bullet while getting a tattoo, scream silently, or let loose with a barage of expletives?

  7. Oook, now that you know I was here a few times, may I just add that those red bananas really rock! I have been looking at chalks, ALOT! Kiva, may I know what kind of chalks are you using? I have yet to find the ones you showed in a previous post! I seriously don't see how those pale coloured school chalks available here can create such vibrant colours!

    Shoot, you really are just skin and bones.Your back is just like my foot! Must hurt like hell. Are you sure you do not have tats on your forehead? You look like you are in this as deep as my friend! :)

  8. Susan!! I swear, my back doesn't usually look that Auschwitz, at least, when I'm not bending over in the shadows :-/. I eat like a mofo!!!

    Susan, get the kind of chalks that are dry, not the oil-based ones. I'm not really brand loyal, but I do use Prismacolor Nupastels quite a bit. They look like this:

    Also, Van Gogh and Windsor and Newton, etc. I think I've bought just about every brand. Just make sure that they are the "dry" kind. Look at this page under "Medium and Hard Pastels":

    - You guys don't have intensely colored chalks???