Monday, April 19, 2010

Catherine the Great

Seriously. Hers is the kind of work you gaze at and think.....FOR REAL??? Get outta here!! But it's true!  Her full sized pieces are just incredible, as are her miniatures! SO gifted, the type of gifted who can make anything, I know it. From ornate copper teakettles to tiny kirchen strainers to a freaking furred kitty cat!! I'm seriously scared.

She attended the Tom Bishop Chicago Show this past weekend and snapped some GREAT pics:

She also met the amazing Carolyn, my good buddy and maker of such lifelike plants that make me wish I owned a greenhouse to house them all. Or, screw the greenhouse, let me just have one of each and I'll be very happy!! She secured a spot, at the last minute, from Tom Bishop himself, and she rocked it:

So, I have decided that, next year, come hell or high water, I am GOING to the Chicago show!! Hear that Kristy? Start saving, baby!! I am going to start, by cutting down on my music, shoes, jewelry, and clothing OCD!!

Here are some pics from Catherine and Carolyn. She RAVED about Carolyn's plants. so go have a look at her blog to see then at the show:


Carolyn (Love you too, darlin' ;-)):


  1. I so want to go to the Chicago show, too, Kiva--maybe only in my dreams with, next year, two in college and a fifth grader. At the rate I am going I doubt I can make it to a miniature flea market two hours away on May 15th! Probably have to work--my lot in life, working only part-time but most Saturday's.

    I love Catherine's metal work! It is divine! And those plants are exquisite! Wonder how she makes them???!


  2. Que grandes artesanas, sus trabajos son una maravilla!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Thanks so much for posting these links -- I love the photos :) There are truly some amazing artists working in miniature (and, of course, you're one of them ...)

    Chicago seems a long way away from Nova Scotia, but maybe someday ....

  4. WOW truly fabulous work! I love the plants, they are so amazing and so are those tiny kitchen knives! Sadly, Chicago is too far for ole me too.:o)

    Michelle xx

  5. Once again, thank you, Kiva, for posting pics of my plants! I wish you could have been there. It was fun, but very rushed. I wish I had more time to see everything, but I was chained to my table most of the time. I did get to meet alot of people, like Catherine, which was great!

    I'll be there next year for sure, but not yet sure in what capacity. Either way, we'll have a blast!

  6. Thank you for the links, I was glad to discover their beautiful work.

  7. Thank you Kivs for you kind words.

    I expect to see you and Kristy at the show in Chicago next year. That is something wonderful to look forward to! :-)

  8. Kiva--if you come to Chicago, you can stay at my house!


  9. Hey guys, Chicago is really far from me too!! But it is a whole year away- there's still time. Think of all the fun we could have??? One big get-together!!!

    Awww Sophia, you are an angel :-D!!! I would never impose, though. I think you'd prefer that I trash a hotel room instead of your house, lol!!!! But this will be cool because I can finally meet you!!!! Woohooo!!!!!!!!

  10. After listening to all the plans for next year, I don't want to be stuck behind a table!

    It will be party time for us all, ladies!

  11. Hell yes, Carolyn!!! It will be party time!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Chicago was a lot of fun, it was my first time to attend. I had dinner there with Catherine, she is a blast, we got along great.

    I did ask the person who made the plants what kind of clay she uses. They are made with Resin Clay from Japan. She will be teaching how to make them in Castine.