Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's a Greek Easter at Sophia Twaddell's house!

My friend Sophia has returned to blogging!! Yea!!! Shes laid out a delicious spread on her dining room table. I spot my leg of lamb, green beans, grilled eggplant, and spinach pies among her offerings! I'm stopping by your house later, Sophia!!


  1. Wow, is a great dinner, thanks for the link, I'll go to see more... hugs

  2. It's great to see your minis in a fine setting, Kiva!
    I *really* must get my houses out and make them, to do justice to the artisans' work I've been collecting.


  3. Ooooooooooh....I just went to Sophia's blog, and what a HOUSE!!!!! I've never been much of a doll lover (they kind of creep me out), but I think it would be so much fun to decorate a dollhouse, especially one as big as that one and especially if I could do it as well as her. And Kiva, I swear that looks like a real life dining room with real life food!! Delicious!!

  4. I know, right? There is nothing I love more than peeking into peoples' dollhouses!!! I didn't make the ham, asparagus, raw veg, and deviled eggs, so maybe Sophia will let us know who else is gracing her table! Actually, I've never made asparagus before, which is kind of odd, no??

    Kristy! You know what? collecting dolls (weird dolls) is what kicked off my whole dollhouse/miniature obsession! It started with dolls, then accessories and furniture, then food!! It was really, out of the blue, I wanted dolls.

    Mom built me two dollhouses in S.F. and they weren't nearly as elegant and refined as the ones I see on peoples' blogs. Mine were really ramshackle and jam packed! I put everything into both of those houses, including all the weird dolls I collected. I had about 3-5 dolls in each room, a couple on the stairs, in the bathtub, sitting on the pot, and even more in the yard.

    And by weird dolls, I mean, I had a priest in the yard eating with other family members, a hooker in the living room with the drunk uncle, a maid on the stairs carrying laundry, a veiled woman in mourning upstairs in the bedroom.....WTF??

  5. Kiva, where did you find hookers, drunks and priest dolls, and do you still have them?

    I have to go visit Sophia's house now. Be back later...

  6. Hey, show us that dollhouse of yours, Kiva! I love dolls and in my frenzy, I have amassed 150+ of them in this short time since I started. Some of them identical! LOL

  7. Carolyn, there was a seller on ebay years ago who made bizarre, wacked out dolls, and I just ate em up! I don't have them anymore- the only one I have left is a body in a coffin. I have been trying to find this other dollmaker on ebay whom I LURVED. Her dolls weren't made of clay, but stitched or something out of soft material. They were so unique, and had puffy, doughy, goofy faces. I tried to bid, and lost every time (usually to one of my own customers!!).

  8. Susan, holy shite!! I hear ya- when I first started buying dolls, and amassed a number of them, it suddenly dawned on me that they had similar faces, both the men and women! Hmm....methinks the same mold was being used!? My old women dolls looked very similar to my old man dolls. WTF? I mean, they still had alot of character, but I started spotting a pattern, lol!!

    Susan, no pics :-(. But, trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight. I was in a buying frenzy and crammed everything into those two houses, so it wasn't exactly aesthetically pleasing. Whatever I liked, I I'm talking a Moose head over a fireplace, next to a crucifix, next to a gun case, next to a card table with people gambling, next to a grandma sleeping on the couch. And that was ONE room.