Thursday, April 29, 2010

Frightened Oysters...and an incredible gift!!!

These are some of my goofy frightened oysters on the half-shell. But, enough about that ;-). I just got an email from a wonderful customer of mine who knows that I am planning on going to Chicago next year, and she wants to give me her frequent flyer miles (which will go unused by a certain date)!!! To me AND my mom!?? So we would be flying there and back at no cost, first class :-O!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Wow!! It can't be said enough that "miniature people" are the kindest, most generous folk on the planet!!!!


  1. Those are hilarious!
    I am so glad to hear you are planning to go. I will be going back too. I am looking forward to meeting you and Kristy.
    Come over to my blog and throw your hat in the ring for the give away.

  2. HOORAY!!!! :):) Now that means you'll have money to come here ;p. Especially after you have sold and make money in the fair :). The oysters are too cute. I just love those oyster shells :)

  3. There are some incredibly kind people in the miniature world, how wonderful for you Kiva. Blessings on the generous giver.


  4. Thats a lovely gesture very kind indeed.
    I love your oysters and of course all your other work.
    I have seen your projects in dolls house magazines i subscribe to here in the UK but im not brave enough to try you just do it so well its scary lol....

  5. So exciting for you, Kiva and Linda!! Such kindness!!
    I may report you to the ASPCO - those little guys look terrified ;-)

  6. WOW!! You're soooooo lucky!!!! What a wonderful gift!

    You know, I've never really felt sorry for oysters until now, LOL. Poor little dudes.

  7. Wow thats so wonderful. Yes I would have to agree miniature people are the BEST!!!! Your oysters are so funny and perfect. Hugs~ Kim

  8. What a wonderful gesture :)

    And I have to say that that's how I would look like if I had to eat an oyster :D Tried them once and that was enough for me thank you :D I do like them cooked though.

  9. OOhh...I am so happy for you!!!!! I am sure you and your mom are going to have some fabulous days at that fair!!! Make sure you have a lot of your exceptional pieces... people will be queuing up!!!!
    The oysters are spectacular!!! The one on the fork looks like me, last time I tasted one :O
    Synnøve :)

  10. Que maravilla!!!
    Ademas de reales, muy originales, enhorabuena
    besitos ascension

  11. Kiwa, that's a great gift!!! you'l have te ebst day with your Mum. The oysters are so funny! and do not like them in real :oP Rosanna

  12. Oooh I love, love, love these! lol They ARE great and sooo different! :o))

    What a truly wonderful present! How generous! :o)) I'm sure you and your Mum will have a great time!

    Michelle xx

  13. Poor little frightened things! Now that's what I'll see when I start to slurp some down on a cracker with cocktail sauce and before a good beer or two! LOL! Wow--that is a wonderful friend!


  14. omg how cool! lucky you!! And Chicago! Wow! Would love to be there! Be sure to take a lot of photos :D

    Adorable cute oysters as well ^^


  15. Kiva, my invitation stands: you and your mom can stay at my house if you wish. I'll be at the show, too, so we can drive together.

  16. Kiva, that is so totally cool that your customer is so totally awesome! I can't wait for next year. I'll take you, your Mom and Kristy to see the Thorne Rooms. But darn, we have to wait an entire year!

    Once again your crazy food is singing, but oysters can't be named the Atkinson Spuds.

  17. Kiva girl your oysters are so cute!!! And they should be frightened cause I sure would slurp them down!!!

  18. HAHA!! Thanks guys!!! I kind of envy those of you who can choke down raw oysters. It is the ONLY seafood that I can't eat raw :-/. And I've tried, many times!! I do eat them fried, in stews, and just about any other way as long as they're cooked.

    YES, I am SO freaking excited about going to the show next year!!!! I won't be selling, though. I've never sold at a show before. I am just going to shop, eat, drink, get inked, see my buddies, and hit that monster Bishop show!!!!

    Hey Steph!!!! I will take a ton of pics, I promise!!

  19. Te felicito Kiva, por laS Ostras que son de esos trabajos que me encanta ver, y por tu regalo para ir a Chicago.
    Muchas felicidades!

  20. Correction, Keevster! This is mom. If you go alone, you can go first class, but if your pain in the butt mom goes with you, it's coach.
    No matter how you get there, you'll be able to see all your wonderful friends in the flesh.
    A gift from a lovely lady!

  21. ROFL!!! Hi Kiva's mom!! Keevster, eh?