Friday, February 26, 2010

An award!!

I think I may have already received this one, but here goes:

The rules for the award are:

1.Thank the person that gave it to you.

2.Copy the logo and place it in your blog.

3.Link to the person who nominate you.

4.Name 7 things about yourself that nobody knows.

5.Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers.

6.Post link to the 7 blogs that you nominate.

7.Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know that you nominate them.


Thank you, Ira, for this award!!

7 things peeps don't know about me:

1- My favorite band of all time is Depeche Mode, although I also love ambient, industrial, electronic, and embarassingly enough, cheesy music that I grew up with, like Journey. Plus, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.  And classic rock like Led  Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, etc.

2- I smoke like a chimney. The only way I can see quitting is being in a coma. I've tried.  BUT, I smoke on the patio, never inside or near where I'm working. 

3- I don't really like making totally raw meat. I much prefer making stuff looked cooked. And this bugs me because someone recently asked me to make a ton of raw stuff. Rare? Hell yes! Raw? Meh.

4- I excercise every day, and have been, pretty much, for decades. It makes me feel healthier, and I don't feel so bad about eating fried food, which I adore. Nothing too strenuous, just a half hour on my stationary bike and some weight lifting. Lots of walking, too. Then, I can scarf.

5-  My favorite part of the turkey is the ass, aka, the tail. Then, I flip the bird over to get to the dark meat, much to everyone's chagrin. I am a hardcore dark meat eater.

6-  I hate having long ass lists of stuff to make. I shut down if I get too overwhelmed. I prefer to tackle things a few at a time, at the most.

7- I am high strung. Wait, is that something no one knew????

Now, I pass on this award to:


  1. Kiva, these tidbits of info are awesome!

    i love DM too, when they came to SG, i begged dad to let me go (i was 17) but he wouldn't, he said their music was 'satanic' XD LMAO

    didn't matter. i bought most of their earlier CDs anyway :P

  2. Thank you Kiva :) I feel the same about your work!!!!!
    By the way: are you showing us your newest tattoo one of these days??

  3. As good a tit bit about you as it is your work:). Love Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. Depeche so , Journey, nope! :):) But I agree that's one classic band.

    For a while I was exercising everyday too :) since the beginning of this year. Until my Europe trip but then everyday, we walked for miles and hours when I was there. Guess that's exercising too. AND going for a long run in 3 hours. Night night, friend!

  4. Hi Kiva, Following the news now about the tsunami warning....I really hope you and everyone of your relatives and friends are safe!
    My thoughts are with you all!
    Synnøve xx

  5. Thank you for the award, Kiva! :D

    I LOVE Depeche Mode! Cheese and all. Always have to have a CD of their stuff for road trips. And I used to love Journey back when I was a depressed teenage girl, wallowing in my angst - but listening to them now, I think it was their music that made me so depressed! Or maybe it was just the sight of Steve's chicken legs in those skinny 80s jeans that did it. :P (Still love the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, though!)

    - Grace

  6. Hey, are you in the path of that tsunami? Just heard about it on the radio as I was coming home from the store - hope you and your family are all safe and dry!

  7. Are you safe, Kiva? Please let us know.

  8. Hi, Kiva,

    I read that bad weather is spreading across Honolulu. Like the others I hope that you and your family are well.

    Many, many thanks for the arward. I love your work. It´s always great to take a look at your miniatures. They are so wonderful.

    I wish you all the best.


  9. Teresa, ¡Usted es así que recepción, Teresa! ¡Gran trabajo!

  10. OMG, Cindy, sounds like the 'rents when they confiscated my punk rock records in high school!! Not once but three times!

    About DM, LOVE!! But pops said they were satanic?LOL!!! Maybe a bit homocentric, but SATANIC?? I saw them in LA. BEST. SHOW. EVER.

  11. Synnove, your work is so stunning!! About the monster on my back: it is not finished! I am still healing, but I have to go in next week to add to it. It is going to be massive! I went in just wanting an old, ugly, little thing covered up and walked out with half a billboard :-/.

  12. Susan, come on man, it's Depeche!!!! Yep, walking will drop the poundage like water. This past week, I've walked more than I ever have in my entire life...and my sternum and ribs are looking Auschwitz. I have a xylophone where my chest should be :-/.

  13. LOL!!! Grace, I hear ya, babe!! I was dating the hot basketball player when I first got into Journey. When we broke up, I would burst out in tears whenever I heard "Open Arms" after that. I was such a dork!!

    But Steve Perry, who is half Caucasian and half Asian. Lord, that hair and those pants! Not so hot, but the new singer (who is Filipino)can't touch him. They played here recently and I refused to go. It would feel like I was watching a cover band :-(.

  14. Thank you, Synnove, Grace, Karin, and Lotti!! We are fine! It seemed like "much ado about nothing", which is a good thing, considering. I kept waiting for complete disaster and mayhem, but there were just some bigger waves :-/. My sister thought that seawater would flood out apartment, lol!!

  15. Just popping by to check on you too and glad to hear that everything is ok! You know the last tsunami happened in Phuket and Penang and it was really too close for comfort. A friend was on vacation in Sri Lanka when the tsunami struck and it was a scary scary time. Your sister is not that far wrong about how if you are in the wrong side of town, the water will flood the apartment! You guys stay close to the beach? Is it a very tall apartment?

  16. Hey,Susan!! I was almost waiting for a Thailand type situation, in the beginning! But mom said, well, if it gets bad, we'll just go up a floor (we're in a low rise type apartment, on the second floor)! Meanwhile, I had visions of hanging onto a coconut tree. But we kept waiting, and watching the news, and the water didn't rise much. But I knew people who fled to the tops of mountains! I can only imagine how utterly terrifying it must have been in Thailand, though, my God!!

  17. Hi Kiva, thank you very much for the award and excuse my delay. I'm very happy that the feared for tsunami was just a bigger wave. Rosanna