Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My new bauble

And the last rose tattoo!!! I mean, besides the one on my back that is still being worked on and is growing every week. This little one in on my right wrist. My wrist is a bit swollen right now, but when she was working on it, she said that it was like tattooing a six-year old's wrist :-/. Not much room to work with. I wanted green vines at first but she thought it would look too bulky, so she tattooed  very fine, black thorny curlicues. The second pic is a wee bit blurry!


  1. Love it Kiva...I have a butterfly and roses on my left wrist :)

  2. Oh, wow, it´s wonderful, Kiva.


  3. i love it, I get myself one this summer, also on my wrist and it will be a rose...

  4. Now, as a mother, I think you should leave your nice, young beautiful body unadorned with ink--LOL~! But if you must this is a pretty design!


  5. So pretty and soooooo feminine! Great choice, Kiva! I can tell you are still throbbing with pain but worth it, babe!

    I have always love bracelets. My fav accessory. That and anklet. On my right wrist now I wear bands and strings I collect from temples and churches when I travel. I think a tattoo of flowers henna-style will fit very well with them.

  6. Looks nice :) I've been thinking at some point to continue my tattoo (in the back) but it hurt so god damn much everywhere else than in the spine so I don't know. Or I'll just continue along the spine :D


  7. Thanks guys!! I was supposed to get my back worked on that day, but I couldn't because the shop was doing some cleaning. I was all geared up for it, so rather than not go home with anything new, I stopped by another shop just up the street that I'd heard good things about.

    Lori, I want to see yours now!!!!!

    Michelle, I want to see pics of yours afterward! Will this be your first one?

    Thanks Jody ;-)!! My mom tells me the exact same thing, haha!! I know that she's just releived that I'm not getting skulls (not yet, anyway, heeheehee!).

    Susan, YES!!! You must!!! I want to see your wrist collection, too. I have a big stack of sterling bangles that I never remove, except at the airport. Once, I forgot to remove them before I got in line and it was a nightmare. Rings too!! I'm a ring freak. I always wear stacks of bands and a big skull, but I have a big collection of some huge, chunky rings, too! I'll take a pic of my stuff if you take a pic of yours!!

    Ira, I feel your pain. Literally.I got my back worked on yesterday by "the butcher", but it wasn't as bad as last time because he did some light, black and grey roses around my colored ones. The colored ones on my back were torture, especially when he hit my shoulder blade!! I really felt like I needed anaesthesia.

    There was a guy there yesterday who had his ribs tattoooed and he said it was so unbelievably painful that he would never do it again. BUT, he was wondering what it felt like to have his skull done (he was shaved bald and one of the tattoo artists had a head full of tattoos). I told him that he should do it (I wanted to see!), so he got an eye tattooed on the back of his head!! It was a Michelangelo's Statue of David eye!! He said it wasn't that bad, but five minutes later, he went white and started gripping the chair!!

  8. I don´t think I am the tattoo type.....but if I´d ever have one, it would be something like this; I really liked it!!!
    Synnøve x