Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look what turned up in Karin Caspar's wonderful hanging vignette!

Karin Caspar, as we all know, is a fantastic miniaturist (not to mention, a really swell gal), and I was tickled pink to find my wormy apples in this cool hanging box scene that she made! Thank you, Karin!! I LOVE it!!!


  1. Beutiful scene! I love the flowers!

  2. Hi Kiva, thank you for adding me and thank you for your nice words about my hanging vignette! I love this tiny vignette, because I can see all the beautiful miniatures really good!
    The flowers are birthday present`s from Jeannette Buchholz ( lucky me) and the gorgious witches are done by Silke Janas Schlösser.

  3. I love these little scenes. I have added her blog to my very long list--a lot of folks to drop in on! I am still in love with your basket of peaches! How in the world?? .. .


  4. Yes, I love her little scenes as well! I adore the ones in pocket watches, too!!!!!!

    Jody, it's just alot of practice!! It is something I've made to death, seriously ;-).