Thursday, February 4, 2010

Because I had to fill the bare part of one of my ankles

Erm, while still trying to figure out the octopus/mermaid thing, I went out today and got a tatt on my inner right ankle. I wanted something with a shot of color since all my other tattoos on my ankles are, for the most part, black. Since I have a thing for classic rose tattoos, I went with another one. I thought about a lotus, but I just like the looks of roses better. First, I went back to the place where the guy embellished my boring butterfly, but he wasn't there. Instead, a youngish girl was going to take on the job. I remember her asking  the other guy about tattooing tips the last time I was there, so I told her I was going out for a smoke and hightailed it down the street. HELL NO!! My next stop was about 5 blocks away, to a tiny shop where some guy came highly recommended. But they told me to beware, because he might be ornery and do some yelling :-/. Well, he was a 300 (?) pound plus guy with a beard, covered with tattoos (like a fat Hell's Angel), and he turned out to be a real teddy bear. He also told me that he could fix the hideous tattoo I got on my back (left back shoulder) when I was a youngin', which I am very excited about. NO laser for me, thank God!! So yes, just a simple rose on my ankle today. I took a really crappy pick, though. The lighting sucked.


  1. :) so -that- is what you've been up to hehe heh it's beautiful :)

  2. Babe, you are going to end up like my friend, X' soon!! Remember the guy with a "T" (small) on his forehead?? :):)

    I like this 300 pound friend of yours and his work. This rose looks like the work of a teddy bear. Sweet and yet tough at the same time. Nicccce!

  3. Wow, you're on a roll, Kiva! Love the new rose tat. So when are you getting a Harley? :D

    - Grace

  4. Good gracious! You youngsters and your body art. Believe me, my body at 47 is no longer a pristine, taut canvas awaiting adornment. It's awaiting its daily hopeful slathering of Intensive Care body lotion! And wishing I wouldn't drink alcohol in the winter which further dries it out! But the rose is quite lovely.


  5. It's beautiful Kiva! You are sooo making me want to set up an appointment with my guy (he even does house calls now so I don't have to leave the house :)

  6. Hey Cindy and Susan! Yes, I am a woman obsessed :-/. Susan, I am swollen and red like you would not believe! Methinks that the 300 plus pound teddy bear really goes to town when he's weilding that gun. I feel a little like raw meat right now!!

    Grace, lol!! Hey, either a Harley or a Triumph like Marlon in "The Wild One"! I would have hopped on the back of his bike ANY DAY (earlier Marlon, though, not later Marlon. There would be no room).You know what, though? As much as I'd love it, I know that I would wreck it. I am unsafe in a car and on a motorcycle. Hell, I'm unsafe on a scooter! I wrecked the scooter I had in college! Well, with the help of some idiot boy I let drive us back to campus. He plowed into a car and the entire right side of my body was hamburger. I have totaled EVERY car I've ever owned, starting with my first in high school. So I no longer drive...anything :-/.

    Haha!! Thanks Jody! Hey, I do my daily slathering as well. And loofahing and salt scrubbing and Ped Egging. So much freaking work!!

    Lori, how cool is it that you have a tattoo artist on call?? I would LOVE it!! There is a well-known guy here who works out of his apartment, but apparently, he gets booked up to a year in advance and charges a pretty penny. You need to get on it, Lori!! I want to see some pics ASAP!!