Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mice on a scale

Here are a couple of my goofy mice on a scale. I probably should've snapped this pic at a different angle, because it looks like the brown mouse's tail is chopped off, which it isn't :-/.


  1. How cute is this? Very, very nice. Love it.


  2. Hey, you were gone a long 5 days! Good to see you back :):). Always love your composition but why is the skinnier brown mouse heavier ? lol! Did you use clay? What did you use for the furry body? Not that long ago, I wanted to ass "fur" to my plastic cats but didn't know how.

  3. Kiva, the picture is good . I think we all know that you never will forget the mouse tail (-;
    The mices are really cute!

  4. Such sweet little mice made these also?
    They look as though they are having a lovely play on the scales, or are they just trying to see who is fatest.....????
    Linda x

  5. Hi guys!! I'm glad you like the mice, although they're more "cartoonish" than realistic ;-)!

    HAHA!! Karin, sometimes snapping pictures is agonizing. Too much light, not enough light, bad angle...aaargh!! I'm glad the tail (or what looks like the lack of tail) doesn't stick out like a sore thumb ;-)!

    I am having a difficult time with getting a good pic of something I made for a good friend of mine. I have to submit it to the magazine editor and I can't get it to look decent.

    If anyone would like to take a crack at removing some shadows in my pic, I will send it to you :-D!!

    Susan and Linda, the brown mouse is slightly bigger but you can't tell by the pic! See the bigger ass on the brown one??

    Susan, has it been five freaking days??? NO WAY!! I am starting to loose steam, what's going on!?? I used clay to make the mice, yes. I made the bodies and claws seperately, baked them, put a thin coat of glue all over them, then plunked them in flocking. THEN, I attach the claws. Some people add paint before the flocking, but I just make the mice in whatever color I want, then glue, then flocking. The last step is to touch up whatever bald spots might appear ;-).

  6. So cute!!!!! Love your Mice! Hugs~ Kim

  7. Kiva,they are darling!!!!!!!!!!! Love it.TYou did a fine job ,smiles~

  8. Kiva, take a break by all means if you are having a blog fatigue. This thing is tiring.

    About removing shadows, I am no expert. I can see from your pic that you are way better than me when it comes to photography. Just want to let you know that there is this freeware I use called XnView. There are many functions in there that I have not figured out but maybe you can try it and see. I find it much easier to use than say Picasa or Photoshop. But they are good for different things. Even Paint. :)

  9. Susan, I was having body fatigue!! I think Cindy is right- I have the 100 day Chinese cough or something!! I removed some of the darker shadows with Photoshop, but I might have to tweak it even more, now that I look at the pic again. Editing pics is a necessary evil (evil for me!). I just don't like to spend a ton of time doing it, you know what I mean? You're right, there are a ton of great freeware programs! Alot of people swear by Gimp, which is supposed to be just as powerful as Photoshop. It's got alot of bells and whistles...which means, there's definitely a learning curve too. I do like simple, straight to the point, no extra shit thrown in, which is why it's kind of weird that I'm using Photoshop, lol!! But I just go in, use the tools I'm comfortable with, and get out!!

  10. There is one good side effect to incessant coughing: tighter abs (not that I have any). I feel like I've done 10 million crunches.