Saturday, January 23, 2010

A miniature Bootsy from Patricia!!!

My buddy and miniaturist extraodinaire, Patricia Cabrera, gave me a wonderful gift: a miniature Bootsy!!! And she is just like our real-life Persian kitty!!! She is sitting right next to me, and I shall treasure her forever :-). Thank you so much, Patricia!!!!


  1. You lucky lucky girl! I have just gone over to her site and she is wonderful!

    This cat reminds me of Mosche (named after Moshe Dayan), my 1-eyed tabby and the favourite of the household.We still talk about him a lot although he's been gone for years now (I still blame my then housemate and thinks he killed Moshe with his reckless driving because we found Moshe dead on our grass when we came back from a holiday) Moshe was so well loved even by Axel, our Alsatian (also gone). Not sure if you know about dogs and their paws but they hate being touched there. Axel would however let Moshe lie across his paws. Moshe did not get along with all our other cats so we suspect he thought he was a dog like Axel.

    Anyway, now you will have something to hold while you are grinding in pain on Monday! Just don't put him between your teeth!

  2. Ok, hello?? I know, right? Could she spread her talent around any more?? She also milks her own cows and gives them shots and makes soaps and lotions! Susan, I am now committed to getting the tat next week. I'm going big, baby! And yes, I will be gritting my teeth :-/. I don't think I should let mini Bootsy anywhere near me, though. I would probably de-fur her.

    Awwww, dear Mosche with one eye!! What up with the two-thumbed tattooer and the one-eyed cat? Susan, I wished you lived here so we could hang out! We could get tats, eat weird food, and make miniatures :-D!!

  3. I wish, I wish! I think we will be such great pals! We seem to like the same stuff! Just hopefully,not the same type of guys. I am a cougar. You?

    Come to think of it, there's a good chance we may end up being complete bi*ches to each other cos I will be so freaking jealous of you! On top of all the great stuff that you already are, you will get to eat all you want while I munch on carrots & sunflower seeds.

    Until then, I will "bleed" for you! That tat's gonna hurt! Shikes, I can still remember the guy's face 20 years ago. He was the one before me . His colour took a few days cos he was doing a big piece! Haha! But be brave my girl. I will be so proud of you. And don't rest until you post that pic.

  4. Oh hell yeah! Honey, I was practically a cougar in my college year(I lasted one year). Honestly, the guys I dated when I was younger are now...not so hot. Case in point: a young studmuffin, star basketball player, 6'4", kind of gangly, but with BROAD shoulders and sun-bleached dirty blond hair (although he was part Hawaiian, Portugese, and Caucasian). HAWT. I fell hard. But now? Bloated, unkempt, and kind of gross. TOTALLY unrecognizeable. And now, there is nothing to replace the grossness.... he's just an older, pot head smoking, beer swilling fat jock with little charisma. So yep, I do sometimes like 'em somewhat younger. BUT, I also like a wicked sense of humor and sharp intellect. Sometimes, it is those qualities that make a guy MUCH, MUCH more attractive. That, and sweetness. Remember that flick "The Elephant Man" with John hurt? I would SO date him. I mean, it would be kind of awkward in certain situations, but I could see past the extreme deformity and right into his heart. I would just have to close my eyes alot.

    Susan, if your desire is to look like the crypt keeper, you would be jealous. But trust me, we would have a frigging blast! This, I knew right off the bat.

    Ok, come Monday, I will post a pic. Just remind me to take an extra Xanax before I go in :-/.

  5. Que cosa mas bonita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, me encanta, felicidades.besitos ascension

  6. oh my goodness what a regal looking little kitty that is!! I love persian cats! They look like little "royal highnesses" and this replica of yours is beautifull!

  7. Fantastic, Patricia is a great artist, I'm fan of her work

  8. Thanks guys!!! Yes, I love my little Bootsy too!! In fact, I might just love this one a little more because she doesn't shit. The real Bootsy does not fully unload into her litterbox. She always leaves some hanging off the side :-/. Last week, my sister stepped on some and spread it around half the house.

  9. I am so *THRILLED* that you liked little Bootsy. I had so much fun making it for you, Kiva!*grin*
    Thank you for your encouragments . I *REALLY * appreciate it!
    You know how much I LOVE your work and how amazed I am by everything you create.
    Warm hugs to you! Smiling...

  10. Awww, Patricia, it's a mutual admiration society going on here ;-)! LOVE my Bootsy, and I can't thank you enough!!! Your work, ALL of it, is incredible!!

  11. I´ve got an award for you to pic up in my blog!

    Have a nice weekend!