Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More grilled fish and bananas

A fellow food miniaturist friend of mine wanted to buy the grilled fish and salsa piece that I submitted to IGMA, but since I donated it, I made it over again. I left off the salsa, but she said that she wants salsa, so now I have to add it to the naked fish. Notice that this time I did add a bit of "juice" ;-). The other pic is just more bananas, with some unripe ones thrown in.


  1. Hello Kiva! Long time no see! ;)

    The fish look incredibly real! :)

    I'm off to see what you've been up to. :)

  2. Wow, I want to eat the fishes right now. That's how I love my fish, Kiva. Grilled & crispy :). What's the veg with the fishes, They look a little like "petai" or stinky beans. Very good for detox and the toilet really smells after you are done. Those bananas are gorgeous too and their colours perfect. Tell mum I love her box.

    Speaking of colours, have you gone to get your tattoos yet?

  3. Hey Dale!! What up?? I haven't seen you in awhile!! Happy you're back, sister!

  4. Susan, hahaha!!!! That "veg" is lime!!!
    Eeeew, so petai beans are like getting a cheap colonic or something??

    I am getting it on thursday, for sure. The tattoo guy keeps strange hours. It was either I go in on tuesday night or thursday afternoon. I picked thursday instead because I don't really want to be walking through Waikiki at night. In pain. I'll will snap a pic afterwards, though :-D!! This sounds weird, but lately, I've been thinking that I wouldn't mind getting into tattooing (like me giving them). I keep drawing on my legs and arms, like when I'm on the phone. Go figure.

  5. Hello :-)

    Just had a late breakfast, but those yummy grilled fishes made me hungry!!!!!!
    In fact, they remind me of sun and summer.... and that´s SO out of reach for months!!!!!....I am snowed in!!! (sort of)

  6. Hi Kiva! i know i owe you an email, working on it! :) your fishes are fab fab fab (as always. heh heh) I can imagine you doodling on your hands and legs while on the phone! hee. and Susan, I didn't know petai was good for detox, was still wondering why I had to go to the toilet so fast after I ate them. :P

  7. Kiva, I'm back and not, my laptop, where I do all of my *stuff* has a trojan worm?

    Don't know when I'll be back up and running fully. :(

    I know that I want to get something from you, the big question is what? do you only sell on ebay? I could be wrong, but I thought you mentioned having an etsy shop, please let me know, by email, if you want to. :)

    thanks! :)

  8. Of course, now that I have enlarged the pics, they are quite clearly lime ;p! Petai is a very effective laxative for me. Despite being worse than garlic, I absolutely cannot resist sambal petai (Jocelyn, the ones you can buy from any Malay foodstall here :) ). I get pretty bad tummy ache sometimes after eating petai and even I faint at the smell of my own "petai" gas . But the satisfaction after a good "petai" clearing cannot be matched. That's why I think Kiva will like petai .

  9. Hey, thank you Synnove!! But you can grill fish during the winter months too, right? Or is it not really available then? Are you eating stew ;-)? I would gladly welcome a bit of cold weather. I actually like it better when it is dark and gloomy, isn't that weird??

  10. Hey Jocelyn!! Take your time, whenever you're ready ;-). Yes, I am a huge doodler. But going from a doodler to a tattoo artist would be really scary. I'd have to apprentice at a shop and learn a shitload! Forget it- giving my mom a haircut is one thing, but giving strangers a permanent tattoo is frightening :-/. We'll see...you never know!

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  12. Hey Dale! Oh no, a freaking trojan?? Do you run antivirus and spyware apps?? Man, they are really hitting hard lately, it seems, even more than usual. BEWARE Facebook, too :-/.

    I do alot of commissions besides ebay. I don't have an etsy shop, though. You can email me any time.

  13. Susan, OMG!!! Freaking hilarious, you are!! But hey, I don't mind a thorough cleansing once in awhile, but if its coupled with cramps?? Cramps and a cold sweat?? Oh Lord! Is it really that yummy?? I mean, I used to eat soft boiled eggs all the time in France, and for some reason, ALWAYS got hit with the runs (was it salmonella??), but I suffered because I HAD to have them. It would take something really special for me to tolerate crampage.

    It kind of reminds me of someone we knew who was deathly allergic to shellfish (as in anaphylaxis, then DEATH). Well, once a year, he would allow himself to splurge, then check himself into the hospital right after gorging.

    Susan, the limes ARE rather light, true dat. I might need to go in and fix them!

  14. Hey, Kiva, thanks for the welcome back, earlier. :)

    I have that stuff on my puter... it runs and scans all of the time, but like the tech guy told me, 3,000 new viruses are created every day and no one program gets all of them. :(

    I'll email you, thanks. :)