Saturday, January 9, 2010

Octopus on a board

I have a thing for octopi, probably because they are goofy looking. I have a collection of octopus figurines, octopus tank tops, and octopus jewelry. I like squid too, but not so much the kind that can ram into you in the ocean and kill you.


  1. Kiva, the octupus is looking so real!! I can smell the ocean. Very good work!!!!

  2. Ooh those eyes follow you around!
    Love it.

  3. Those killer squids that Kiva is talking about
    are the Humboldts. They even eat each other!
    Her Grandpa used to spear them when he went skindiving. To soften them, he used to beat them on the rocks. Now you can just use meat tenderizer. They're really good any old way, not only on sushi. French and Italian styles are wonderful, and just the other day, Kiva was eating a bento/lunch box from our Japanese market and besides the salmon, there were a couple of baby octopi that she picked up with her chopsticks and ate whole. Down the hatch, yum yum! Linda/Kiva's mom

  4. A good job, looks real.congratulations!!!!!!!!!!besitos ascension

  5. Kiva , I just LOVE everything you create. It looks so real..... I can not wait to have one of your creation in person..grin... what a treat!Have a lovely afternoon~

  6. Merci beaucoup, guys!!! I'm thinking about getting an octopus tattoo next. Either that or a mermaid (being a Pisces and all);-).

  7. Kiva, when you're old and wrinkled, any tattoo will look creepy. Don't even think about it! Correction on my previous comment. Grandpa didn't spear Humboldts. We don't have them here. I meant he speared octopi and cuttlefish. Mom

  8. Oh mom!!! Typical non-tattooed person's response!! I already have four- too late ;-)!! Besides, they are on areas that don't typically sag with age. I'm not worried, and I don't regret any of mine.

  9. Visiting your blog again for some fantastic miniatures and funny comments!!!
    That squid looks like someone just caught it and splashed it on the beach!!!! It looks a bit sorry and shocked lol


  10. LOL!!! Synnøve, exactly! It's like Mags said, it's those damned eyeballs!! I almost feel kind of bad sometimes when I see how shocked they look :-/.

  11. So wonderful Kiva! Everything you make is! Hugs~ Kim

  12. Wonderful octopus! I am starving here :X I miss the little octopi XD They are tastey

  13. Thank you Kim and Betty!!

    Kim, I'm still not showing the awful head bread I made a couple weeks ago!!

    Betty, yes, little octopi are tasty, aren't they? Calamari...yummy!!!

  14. Kiva is confusing calamari with octopi. That's because whatever they are, she'll eat them with gusto! She had some baby octopi just last week in her Japanese bento box, along with the salmon. Truly Piscean child of mine! Whatever has feathers, scales or tentacles, she's right there! Mom

  15. The octupus is wild!

    I so love your sense of humor, kiva.

    And, I really love that your mom is popping in to add commentary. You must have a very fun household. :)

    My daughter (a budding artist) is all about jelly fish right now. ;)

    Prey tell, have you ever made a jelly fish?

    I love calamari, Italian style and love all sushi. Yum! :)