Monday, January 4, 2010

Korean food

Yesterday we went for Korean food at one of my favorite little holes-in-the-wall, of which Hawaii is famous for. There is such a plethora of eating places here that it would take a lifetime or two to visit every one. But sometimes I just have to have my soft tofu soup with seafood and broiled mackeral. With Korean food, you get all these little side dishes, sometimes a dozen or more at a time, before the meal arrives. Since I am feeling like crap with the flu, I thought some soup would be good. The soup comes in this little cast iron pot and it is boiling! My soup and mackeral, which includes rice and all those little dishes is 9.95! Well, I usually wipe everything out, but not this time. One of the worse things about being sick is not being able to eat!!!!


  1. A healthy and varied meal for sure.


    Get Better Soon!!

  2. O dear, you caught my flu shopping for jeans! It ain't over yet? Poor Kiva :(. I am finally on the tail end of mine, after, lemme see, almost a month.

    One of my best love food is Korean, after 1st-Thai, 2nd-Malay/Indonesian. All spicy..yummies! You are such a foodie, Kiva. Me? I can eat one kind of food every day, 3 times a day. Over here, we have this dish called "Yong Tau Fu". That's my everything food, 3 times a day, everyday.

  3. I wish you a speedy recovery, Kiva!!!!!

  4. that looks so good to me. We don't have a lot of varied food in northern Minnesota- I have never eaten Korean food, but it looks so tasty! Wish I could dive into your picture and taste it all! Hope you feel better soon

  5. It looks better than chicken soup! Get well soon, Robin

  6. Thanks guys!!! Yep, take it from Susan, Korean food is the bomb!! can be very hot and spicy. I love Vietnamese food too!! GREAT soup!